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Thursday, April 07, 2005

something new

A lot of good things happened lately.

I got a new job. A work from home design job. The pay is great and I can get up as late as I want. After whining about my previous job, I finally got what I wanted. When I told my friends about it, they said it was a blessing from my baby. I never thought about it that way. Now I do. Thanks my baby. While we're at the subject of my pregnancy, I'm feeling a bit okay now. I'm on my way to second trimester which is good. No more dizziness, just occassional headaches and heartburn. I can now laugh and joke about things. I can kiss my husband without wanting to vomit. I really feel great. I'm beginning to feel excited about my baby. Wonder if it's a girl? Things are doing okay at my parent's house. They still lead separate lives but they are very civil with each other. Mom visits from time to time to iron Papa's clothes. Then we'll visit and play with chabby. She's sooo adorable. Especially when she talks. She speaks english by the way. I so wish we can have a girl. I just saw my college friends. We had a small reunion at Pansol, Laguna. It was fun but I noticed that everyone slept really early. (2AM) Guess we're not getting any younger. There are new boyfriends, girlfriends, kids but everyone's still the same.

Everything's okay. ALMOST.We still live here in Paranaque. My mother/brother in law are cool. We're saving a lot of money too. It's just I don't really feel at home. I feel a little out of place. I want our own place, to be the queen of my own domain. Who doesn't anyway?