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Friday, December 22, 2006

Last post for 2006

This is gonna be my last post for 2006. Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

oprah's christmas party

Di ako mahilig sa Oprah ah. Nalipat ko lang ng channel. Pagkakita ko nga sabi ko, anu ba yun, umiiyak na naman si Oprah. Di ko nga pinanood baka maiyak ako eh hihi.

Actually, nagbigay siya ng christmas party sa mga bata sa Africa na naulila dahil sa aids. Tuwang tuwa sila, halos mapunit ang mga bibig sa ngiti. Yung isang babae nga, nakatanggap ng complete wardrobe na mga baduy na blouse saka palda. Pero grabe ang saya nya, akala mo binigyan ng one million. Tapos yung mga bata, meron ding mga damit, soccer ball at baby dolls. Mukhang hihimatayin na nga sila sa saya.

Ayan, pinanood ko na din tuloy. At naiyak ako. Sana isang araw makagawa din ako ng ganun.

Monday, December 18, 2006

another sleepless night. what's new?

I thought they were exaggerating when mothers say that they haven't slept for months.Yet here I am, telling everyone how I haven't slept for 14 months. I have an occassional 1-3 hr naps but never more. Four hours of uninterrupted sleep is a blessing while five hours straight is a dream that will never come true.

I'm overreacting, I know. But last night was one of those nights when I thought I'm gonna lose my mind. I was dizzy the whole afternoon and looking forward to a couple of hours of sleep. Sandy usually sleeps around 10:30-11:30PM but she was drooling at 8:50PM last night so I thought I'm getting my long overdue rest. However, no matter how tired or light-headed I am, I can't seem to fall asleep. Just when I was about to close my eyes at 12am, she moved and nursed for a couple of minutes. Then at exactly 1:50am, she woke up. I knew there was no way she'll go back to sleep when she started babbling, singing and finally removed her mouth to look at her pooh pillow so she can talk to him. After two hours of nursing-playing, she cried and started pulling me up, her signal for 'let's get out of the bed NOW'! So we moved from the bed to her playmat and there she played with her imaginary friends. Sherwin was sleeping in the other room while this is happening (I so envy him). After 20 minutes of playing, Sandy went to my computer and "caressed" the space between the chair and my monitor. I told myself not to freak out because she could just be trying to reach out for the monitor but couldn't. At the exact time that I noticed that her hand looked like it was actually touching something, she ran to me so fast hugging me tight. I was on the floor and she was trying her best to hold tight while looking at the computer area from time to time. That's the time I decided to wake up Sherwin. I'm scared. Awoooooh. I'm losing my mind. Maybe.

She slept around 6AM finally. You'd think I'll start sleeping then but it was still a bit dark that time and my mind was still on whoever it was that was sitting on my computer chair.

Friday, December 15, 2006

working(?) from home

A lot of my online friends are telling me how lucky I am that I work from home. Then, I came across Mich's entry and decided to list down the pros and cons of telecommuting.

1. You don't have to wake up early so you can sleep really late
2. No need to travel, commute and mingle with weirdos who keeps on "accidentally" brushing your thigh or resting their heads on your shoulder
3. No need to plan what clothes to wear
4. You can brush your teeth / take a bath whenever you want to.
5. Take a nap every hour / sleep in the afternoons
6. Play with your kid, watch tv while working, do some household chores
7. Less expensive because you don't have to pay extra for gas, cab fare, lunch and new clothes

CONS: (in my opinion ha)
1. I miss conversing with other people (nonsense chit-chats or serious discussions)
2. I don't get to dress up
3. I get easily distracted: tv, books, playtime, online chats, phone calls w/ friends and digiscrapping (LOL)
4. Related to #4. I find it hard to focus especially if I need to study a new program or come up with a design for a new site. It's very different working in an office where you can look at your computer and tell yourself "here's your deadline, start working!" When you're at home, there's just so much freedom that I always find myself saying "I'll [insert distraction here] for now and work on that later".
5. Having all the time to rest, I find that I'm always tired.
6. It's hot!! You just can't turn on the aircon the whole day.

Working from home is definitely not for everyone. I read somewhere that to be able to deliver efficiently, you need to set a schedule and do your usual morning routine. You should also dress up as if you're going out and have your own office where no one can enter unless instructed to do so. (I work inside our bedroom wearing my sleepwear with Sandy playing beside me on the playmat.)

It's really fun and amazing if you can work it out. However, there are times that I feel like I'm losing a part of myself. This feeling could've been brought about by something else so I don't know if I should blame it on my current work setup. At the end of the day, nothing beats watching your little girl's milestone and mischief. So I guess, yeah...I'm still lucky after all.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Mi Amor!

Dec 10 was Sherwin's 31st birthday. We celebrated by having dinner at Je Suis Gourmand at the Fort. Food was great. We had air-dried bacon with arugula salad, braised lamb shank and roasted veal. I forgot the exact names of the dishes so please bear with me. The place has a cozy atmosphere, softly lighted dining area and the noise level is low that you can hear each other without raising your voice. Most of the diners are foreigners and I noticed that almost all of the tables have more wine glasses than food. It made me wish that I could have 1 or 2 glasses as well. I'm still breastfeeding so my quota is about 1 glass of alcohol per day and I reached that already by ordering Heineken (how sophisticated, I know! lol) The night was very pleasant and I'd love to come back there again. Of course, dining out is always spectacular with Sherwin. ;) We both have a passion for good food (who doesn't?) and I just love watching him taste dish after dish. It could almost make my night complete. Yes, ALMOST because there's still dessert to look forward to. We had rhum and banana creme brulee and caramel souffle. It was divine! I just love sweets. In fact, next time, I'll order creme brulee again and dark chocolate souffle just for myself. Then we'll just get the assorted cold cuts and cheese and hopefully, 2-3 glasses of wine. Hayy sarap.

Happy Birthday bebi ko! Wishing to have all your dreams come true will be shooting for the moon. But I hope the day will come that you can give a speech just like William Parish (Meet Joe Black) and tell the world that you have everything that you need.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kung anik anik lang

Nov25- Sandy's Shopping Day!
Sherwin and I had to go to the doctor to have my wrist checked so we let Sandy go to the mall with my mom-in-law. However, the line at the doctor's office was sooo long that we decided to go to Glorietta and meet with Sherwin's mom. We went straight to Zara and thought that they left already when suddenly, I heard Sandy's squeals. She was standing in front of the dressing room's mirror wearing her new cute pink boots, checkered skirt and pink shirt. She looked so grown up with her "pilit" pigtails. Then as soon as she saw me, she shouted Mamaaaa so loud as if we haven't seen each other for months. Well, I admit that I shrieked as well LOL. She looked so adorable!

We had dinner with friends the next day. Since my no-dairy diet is almost over, I asked Sherwin to cook some pasta with his famous alfredo sauce. I wasn't sure if it was because I haven't tasted anything cheesy or creamy for the past 12 months but I had a food-gasm when I sampled it. Mama-mia! It was the best dish I've ever tasted in a year. I was feeling a bit guilty leaving Sandy at home so when my mom-in-law asked us if she can take Sandy shopping (again!), I immediately said yes. When they left, I tried to calm myself that everything will be okay. Of course, her yaya is with her but super kulit talaga si Sandy and I can't help but think of all the accidents that might happen while I'm not with her. That was the first time that she went out without me. She didn't even looked back to say goodbye to mommy. Anyway, dinner was a success and I was finally able to watch Cliff & Lorna's wedding. We played pusoy dos and memory game using french words. Another adult night for me, yay! We made plans of having a christmas party the next weekend.

When we got home, Sandy was lying face down on the bed. Bagsak! She went to church after malling kasi hehe. Tindi.

Dec 02 - Christmas Party
It was great seeing old friends again. We weren't able to have a christmas party last year because I was busy taking care of Sandy (she was only 3 months old then). As usual, si Sandy aka Ms. Pasikat eh nangulit ng nangulit. My godson Nathan was there so she had a playmate.

Nate is really a sweet kid. When they arrived, his mom left him on the bed with Sandy. He just sat there playing with Sandy's laptop, ball and cards. Si Sandy? Ayun, kailangan bantayan ng dalawang tao dahil nagaakyat baba sa kama. Letmaku talaga! Just take a look at the photos to see for yourself.

[click to enlarge]

Nakakaaliw panoorin na may kalaro si Sandy. Kahit dumodoble ang tindi ng kalikutan nya, halata na super saya siya kasi may friend siya. She even memorized some of our friends' names.

We gave Cristina, a soon-to-be mommy, a surprise baby shower party as well. We wish you a safe and easy labor!

We exchanged gifts afterwards and played poker. The lovely NiƱa (Tukne's wife) cooked a super creamy spaghetti while the rest of us ordered cooked food. (katamaran) Sandy ate a lot of pork BBQ and breaded chicken (yiikes!). Hindi maawat kasi eh. Now that she knows the word "moh!" (more), she won't stop saying it until you give her a portion of whatever you're eating. Mana sa ama hehe.

More photos of Sandy (with mommy)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sandy's Christmas Calendar

Yipee! I'm done with Sandy's calendar. Thanks to Alpha for telling me about shabbyshoppe's calendar.

I'm so excited to give it to our parents. Just not sure how to bundle it.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Ups and downs

Long time no post! Been very tired lately due to lack of sleep and too much stress. I'm currently studying Openlaszlo so I can start some serious skinning on our app. Nakakatamad magbasa ng mga overview overview. I wanna jump directly to the design part. Ang sakit pa ng right wrist ko dahil sa mouse. Hayyy! I often find myself dying to have a break and get some expensive coffee while having nonsense chit-chat with my girlfriends. But I work from home so I usually end up playing peek-a-boo with Sandy while drinking nescafe :D.

Anyway, I'll make sure to post our most recent activities tomorrow. Here's a preview for now.

Letmaku talaga.