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Sunday, February 08, 2009

V-Day Planning

Having a perfect date is easy if you're well prepared. The most important thing aside from enjoying each other's company is that you also get your money's worth. This is why online restaurant guides are created. To help you choose the best spot to spend your money and be assured that every minute will be priceless. Having said that, if you're deciding on which New York Restaurants to go to this coming Valentine's day, I suggest you take a quick visit at's restaurant guide. Read through the restaurant reviews or do a search by cuisine, by location, by features (sidewalk dining, private party, vegetarian, etc) and most importat of all, by price. Personally, I frequent these online guides when I'm planning a big dinner date or trying to host a surprise party for a friend. I just want to make sure that a restaurant has great reviews before I book them.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

She's a Geek

This is her doing her homework in her Lola's office.

When she was younger, I often worried about having to force her to study when it's time for her to go to school. But it looks like there's nothing to be worried about. She enjoys school a lot but her favorite thing to do is to write and draw. Even if she's in the park, she brings her travel aquadoodle with her and draw while the other kids are running around.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Second Month

I used to think about this month as lover's month. But since I got married, it has been replaced with "just like any other month". But don't get me wrong! It means that every day is Valentine's day in our family. NOT. We have ups and downs of course, but nothing that a great food couldn't fix.

And while I'm here, doing a personal update, let me just tell you that we found a lot where we can build our dream house! It's cheap, location is perfect and the size is just right. Which means no need to worry about where we will put all our junk. After seeing small condo units, cramped townhomes, we feel like this is the right way to go. I know it's too early and we're not even sure if we will get it, but it's nice to have something to look forward to you know?

So there you go. A great start this year and it's only February. ;)