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Friday, November 24, 2006

Sandy's Outfit

Here's what I want Sandy to wear for Christmas.

Kaso ang init sa Pinas! :P Pero ang cute no? Kagigil!!! Her lola promised her a pair of boots from Zara so I'm keeping my fingers crossed na sana may kasamang outfit hehe. Wais!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

God's little angels

I was eating lunch while watching Oprah while crying.

I rarely watch her show but nothing was on so there was nothing I can do but watch. The feature was about sex trafficking. They showed a bunch of little girls, around 7-10 years old from Cambodia and India. They are prostitutes. And did I mention that they are LITTLE girls? One scene that made me cry was the hidden camera segment.

u're-going-2-hell-pimp: you want big girl, small girl?
f*ckd up @$$h0le: have small...small girl?
u're-going-2-hell-pimp: yes, yes we have small girl!!!! they will do all sex!!!

I was expecting 12-14 year-old girls (which already sickens me) but the 2 girls who came out are just barely 6 to 7 yrs old. They looked so little, and sweet and seem oblivious to what's about to happen. The younger girl looked a bit like my Sandy and my heart went out to her. I lost my appetite and there was a huge lump in my throat. If I remember correctly, it costs $10 for an oral sex and these little girls get 20-30 customers a day.

These girls should be playing outside. They should be in school, studying and getting ready for the big world. Instead, they are being eaten alive.

I wish I can do something about it. I really do.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

November 16, 2003

Four years ago, we were talking about a friend when you suddenly took my hand and with your i-mean-business face, asked me to marry you. I still remember it like it was only yesterday. I was shocked and thought you were joking. I mean, who makes marriage proposals in a fire exit? Only you, my love. And I won't change a thing.

Happy third year anniversary Bebi! You're still the best thing that ever happened to me ;)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sandy's November Update

Loves to pray. Kahit anong uri ng rebulto dinadasalan nya hehe. Magagalit pa yan pag di mo sya sinabayan mag-sign of the cross.

Is getting better at walking. Hurray! Wala naman tigil ngayon. I'm having a hard time nursing her because she wants to stop in the middle of her feeding just so
she can get out of the bed and play on the floor.

Lovess attention. Hindi pwedeng walang nanonood pag may ginagawa siya. She calls mama and papa every 5 seconds and we have to stop whatever we're doing just so we can see her play doctor doctor, put on a makeshift bracelet, clean her nose, take a bath, etc.

Loves to play ball. Puts her pillow on top of her head

Screams/squeals a lot. It's really funny (most of the time)

Calls her papa whenever she sees someone playing basketball, football, billiards on TV then raises her arms to squeal and cheer. Kaaliw!

Knows how to put her baby Ha (doll) to sleep by rocking her and singing to her

Sings alleluiah with arms raised.

Talks to someone on the phone. Kawawa nga kausap nya kasi lagi siyang sumisigaw. "Hewo? Haaaa? Burugudunstuytugudunstuy!"

Babbles a LOT.
de - no
dede - milk
hewo - hello
baba -down
momo-no more
la- wala
lolo cesa - lolo cesar
nana - ninang
nono - ninong

And last but not the least, she says "dukurukurukutukalakkulakuk" when she wants to tell a story, explain something.

Aye, she's walking.

Lately, I've been worried that Sandy is taking too long to walk on her own. We rarely allow her to crawl on the floor (my bad) because I'm scared that she might hit her head or whatever. One weekend, we got Sandy a playmat so we can encourage her to walk. It was a good decision on our part. She loved the idea of being on her own and started crawling for the first 30 minutes. I had no idea she can crawl that fast! Then she stood up on her own and started walking slowly to get her doll. I was trying very hard not to touch her. Finally, I can watch TV while she's playing lol.

Below are her most recent pictures syempre pwede bang makalimutan. :)

Sandy loves to say Hi!

Riding in her car

Taking pictures

This is her favorite past time before she goes to sleep.

Ang kulet ng tawa