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Friday, June 30, 2006

Bathtime for Everyone

Every bath time is a struggle. She wants no one but mommy to shampoo her hair. Then while you're scrubbing her grubby arms and legs, she'll try to impress you by rolling and kicking and screaming.

It's definitely one of my not-so-favorite time of day. But she seems to love the attention and the water splashing around the newly waxed floor, so I guess I can learn to love it too.

Just look at those chubby arms and oh-so-trusting face. When she grows up, she won't even remember how she loves messing up our room. She'll probably spend all of her time outside with her friends and boyfriends. Until then, she IS my baby and she can make a mess whenever, wherever she likes.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

my new boyfriend

OMG Superman I love you!

You're my new Gavin Rossdale!

I'm in dreamland right noww lalalalalala

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Me and my back

She just lovesss to walk even though she can't even stand up by herself. We always end up holding her armpits while she cruises around the house, mall, grocery, sidewalks. It's literally back-breaking because me and hubby are tall so just imagine us stooping just so the bambino can walk wherever she wants.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

To the most wonderful father

I've been slaving away for weeks just to create the perfect AVP for Father's Day. I planned on making it a surprise by hiding a cd inside Sherwin's bag so he can discover it when he's already in the office. However, everything backfired when the final output of my AVP totaled to 8GB. So much for the surprise. I think the videos of him and Sandy were the culprit so I decided to just show it to him when he gets home. I was so nervous that he might find it really cheesy. There was no reaction in his face when he watched it the first time. He just smiled and laughed at some of the funny photos. He said he'll watch it again later. So I left the room to play with Sandy. When I came back, our room was locked and I had to knock for a couple of minutes before he opened it. When I asked why it was locked, he said he was crying because he suddenly remembered the first few months when we didn't know what to do with Sandy. In short, he was touched and I felt relieved. The hard work paid off. :) Too bad I can't burn it in a CD. And since I can't upload it here, I'll just post something similar.


View this video montage created at One True Media
Happy Father's Day Papa!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

What's so funny baby?

Sandy just can't stop smiling.




I just love taking photos of Sandy. She changes every month and I want to capture every moment of it. Whenever I look at her old pictures, I feel sad because I know I could never return to that exact moment. It's really a blessing that I work from home and that I can see her whenever I want. I used to envy mothers who can still go out at night, drink coffee or just simply go to the mall after work. They still get all dressed up, looking posh and sophisticated with their sexy stilettos and expensive makeup while I work in my shorts and t-shirt, barefooted. Now, all I can think about is finish my task for the day so I can play and nap with Sandy. I can always dress up anytime, but my little Sophie won't be a baby for too long. I would hate it very much to miss out on her developments so I try to do what I can to preserve these moments. I want the both of us to take a look at these photos when she grows up so I can tell her exactly what happened that day.

Here she is eating my old breastpump.

Another photo of her playing with Papa's lens cover.

Bored and drooling:

Just plain happy:

Happy Father's Day to the Fathers in my life

I just knew that all our wrestling matches, angry confrontations, rough plays, corny jokes and late night tv show marathons will give you insight on how fun it is to raise a daughter. Congratulations for making it this far hehe. I salute you!

Papa: I have been your baby girl for the longest time. Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done.
1. I still remember this one Christmas when you bought me a very expensive pair of boots even if you didn't have enough money.
2. Vague memories of me seeing my shadow being lifted from the ground to your shoulder
3. Allowing me to date at such a young age and even allow questionable looking young men enter our house
4. Inventing stories so I won't get scared at night
5. Letting me go so I can marry the man I love.

Sherwin's Dad (+): I'm sorry we didn't get to meet. I just want to thank you and congratulate you as well for raising a good man. Sherwin adores you so much and I'm pretty sure you could've been a great father-in-law. He tries so hard to be the best father for our little Sophie and so excited to teach her all the lessons he learned from you.