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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Clepord

It has been awhile since Sherwin and I left the house without Sandy. I was a bit scared to leave her with her yayas but Sherwin assured me that we'll be back in no time.

We went to Makati to celebrate our dear friend's birthday, Cliff. The restaurant was still closed when we arrived so we met them in Starbucks, Greenbelt instead. I soon forgot about Sandy looking for Mommy when I saw my old friends, Zer, Cliff and Lorna. It has been sooooooooo long since I had an adult conversation or any kind of chit-chat. Sherwin kept on teasing my that I was so high. I was just so psyched to see all of them again. Lorna and Cliff recently got married and I wasn't able to attend. I heard the ceremony was beautiful and touching. Cliff cried, which doesn't surprise me at all.

Here's the birthday boy!

The lovely couple.

Then here's Sherwin in his post-pregnancy weight. He looks good huh? He just lost 15 lbs just by running every morning. Way to go bebi!

The lighting was nice at the Old Spag House so Sherwin and Zer played with their new DSLRs.

It was a wonderful evening. We talked about every silly little thing just like old times. I really missed them so much. Lala was also there with her new boyfriend, Richard. He's french and doesn't speak a lot of english. Tukne and Ninz were there too. They're new parents as well so Ninz and I can relate to each other. Preck and Chris were there and we kept on teasing /pressuring them to tie the knot.

The 'new parents' decided to go home around 9PM. Most of them stayed and talked about bar hopping. I should be filled with envy at that moment, however, all I can think about is a sleepy baby who needs her mother's milk. I would love to do something like this again though. A couple of months more and I probably can go out again. :) Till then!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

At 8 months

1. Claps her hands
2. Sings (hum) and dances to any type of music
3. Prays to papa jesus
4. Smiles / squints at the camera
5. Points to mama, papa, donald (dog), lizard, butterfly when asked
6. Says papa
7. Pretends that she's counting
8. Hosts the games (in and out, peek a boo)
9. Knows a lot of dance steps: twinkle, rain rain, bayang magiliw, happy birthday
10. Dances to papa's guitar. You can see her beating her hand to follow the rhytm
11. Reads all her books (goodnight moon, the bunny stories, peek-a-boo i love you) out loud to mommy (blabbing of course)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Mother's Day?

We attended AC's 7th Birthday party. It was Sandy's first time to attend a party and guess what? She acted as if she's the birthday girl. She squeals with delight, claps at the magic tricks, waves her hand in the air and jumps around. She loves having kids around her. After seeing her happy face, I've finally decided to give her a birthday party no matter what the cost. You can't put a price to your baby's happiness right?

We also celebrated Mother's Day at Centro with Sherwin's mom. Sandy was her usual hyperactive self so Sherwin's brothers had to take turns in walking her around the building just so I can eat. So much for mother's day lol.

Some photos I took one afternoon while Sandy and I are playing. I noticed that whenever I point the camera at her, she gives me this small ladylike smile.

Please click to view the larger version

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and Mommy Rose!


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Iyak Tawa

Nagiging iyakin si Sandy. Mana yata sa nanay. Sabi nga ng kaibigan kong si tukneh, "minsan ang sarap itapon". (If you're a parent, you know we don't mean it, most of the time hehe)

But when she smiles, nothing else matters. She have these cute little smiles, naughty grins and sarap-tsinelasin-sa-sobrang-kyut na tawa.


I haven't slept in 8 months. Well, I usually sleep 4 hrs tops and that's when I'm lucky. Last night almost topped my list of miserable nights. Sherwin and Sandy kept me awake with their simultaneous snoring and wakings. Sherwin will snore or talk in his sleep. Sandy will open her eyes thinking that daddy wants to play. Mommy will tap Sandy's pwet hoping to God that she'll fall back to sleep. Sometimes she does go back to sleep, but most of the times I have to nurse her. Am I not used to this yet? Yes, I am. But I'm probably not in a good mood last night. I promised myself that if I hear another noise from Sherwin, I'll kick him out of our room. I was just starting to doze off again when my beloved husband talked in his sleep, and my equally beloved daughter turned around to check if it's indeed daddy, talking to her. I threw Sandy's little pillow on Sherwin's head. Not sure if he understood the message but he stopped. It was like that the whole night until 5AM when Sandy decided not to sleep anymore. So there I was, having 1 to 2 hrs of sleep, almost wanting to pack my bags and leave them for good. But since I'm sleepy, I decided to play dead to all the noise and waited for Sherwin to pick up Sandy. It's his fault she's awake anyway. (he doesn't know that it's his fault though). Still, I believe I have the right to blame anyone I like coz I HAVEN'T HAD A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP IN EIGHT FREAKING MONTHS!!!

Hayyy, I'm at my wits end. I'm feeling a bit down today. It's raining and I want some cuddling, stolen kisses and whispered i-love-you's. No one's here though, except Sandy who wants to nurse all the time. I love that baby, I do! But is it too much to ask to have some time for myself?

disclaimer: This is just a rambling of someone who needs a very long overdue TLC. I still love my babies (s & s) so much.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Goodbye Old Cam

Sherwin has been bugging me for a long time to get him a DSLR but I kept saying no. First, we already have a digital camera and second, DSLRs are expensive. However, after seeing Sandy's photos from my friend's cam, we decided to get our own Canon 350D. It's worth it! I just love taking Sandy's pictures even if it's a bit heavy, LOL. I love this new cam because I can take nice photos even without the flash. I'm not a professional photograper though so don't expect spectacular shots. In my eyes however, any photo that has Sandy in it is already a work of art bwahaha.