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Thursday, May 25, 2006

At 8 months

1. Claps her hands
2. Sings (hum) and dances to any type of music
3. Prays to papa jesus
4. Smiles / squints at the camera
5. Points to mama, papa, donald (dog), lizard, butterfly when asked
6. Says papa
7. Pretends that she's counting
8. Hosts the games (in and out, peek a boo)
9. Knows a lot of dance steps: twinkle, rain rain, bayang magiliw, happy birthday
10. Dances to papa's guitar. You can see her beating her hand to follow the rhytm
11. Reads all her books (goodnight moon, the bunny stories, peek-a-boo i love you) out loud to mommy (blabbing of course)


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