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Monday, May 22, 2006

Mother's Day?

We attended AC's 7th Birthday party. It was Sandy's first time to attend a party and guess what? She acted as if she's the birthday girl. She squeals with delight, claps at the magic tricks, waves her hand in the air and jumps around. She loves having kids around her. After seeing her happy face, I've finally decided to give her a birthday party no matter what the cost. You can't put a price to your baby's happiness right?

We also celebrated Mother's Day at Centro with Sherwin's mom. Sandy was her usual hyperactive self so Sherwin's brothers had to take turns in walking her around the building just so I can eat. So much for mother's day lol.

Some photos I took one afternoon while Sandy and I are playing. I noticed that whenever I point the camera at her, she gives me this small ladylike smile.

Please click to view the larger version

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and Mommy Rose!



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