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Monday, September 06, 2010

What is Best for You, a Credit Card or a Payday Loan?

Most of you are probably already familiar with the terms “credit card” and “payday loan”. However, what many are not able to figure out is which to choose. What are the benefits of getting a credit card? What are the benefits of choosing a payday loan?

It is part of our reality: credit cards grow in popularity every day. Considering that the world prices have raised to the sky, world laws are becoming stricter, maximum amount of money that a person can earn is being limited, and so many other aspects that rule our daily life, the importance of having a credit card has increased significantly.

However, it is also true that credit payments will always put you in deeper and deeper debts the more you use them. To counterattack this, there is another existing method for workers, others than a credit card. These are solutions for workers who unfortunately run out of money and require instant finances to cater for their needs. This is where a payday loan comes to play.

What is a payday loan? If you are not already familiar with them, let me tell you that they a form of advance pay you acquire from the company you are working for , enabling you to take a portion of your income before the time you are regularly paid. This will limit you to only taking amounts that you can handle once you are paid. At the same time, this is an added bonus. It allows you to carefully manage your finances according to your financial status. A payday loan will have some kind of interest to be paid on them, but that depends on your employer. These are usually very low. There are existing cases in which people are so well reputed in front of their employers that they have been charged no interest on these loans at all, mostly the employer asks for some kind of added payment, which you can pre decide at the time of taking the loan.

Overall, reviews have also stated that a payday loan will keep you in a limit, while the attraction of making payments with credit cards has many hidden costs that always lead you in a mind aching situation which goes very out of hand.