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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My little cheerleader

Whenever Sandy wants some attention from Mommy, she chants "Ma-ma! Ma-ma! Ma-ma! Ma-ma!" She does this while seating in her sofa so I can come and sit beside her. Or when her yaya is washing her face in front of the mirror and she wants me to watch her make faces. Or when I'm working and really busy, she'll take my hand while chanting "ma-ma! ma-ma! ma-ma!" as if cheering me on. It is as if she can see how tired I am and could probably use a little playtime.

Just this afternoon, while I was playing with my saliva to create bubbles (I know, bad example but it cracks her up all the time I swear!), Sandy quietly said "babohs". I was really surprised because I don't remember teaching her the word bubbles. Just to be sure, I asked her again.

Mommy: What Sandy?
Sandy: Babohs.
Mommy: Again?
Sandy: Baboys!
Mommy: (makulet) What is it again baby?
Sandy: (in her chanting mode)Ba-bohs! Ba-bohs! Ba-bohs! Ba-bohs!

Hehe. Ayan kulit kasi eh. Sinabi na ngang babohs!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Time travel, anyone?

I just finished reading the Time Traveler's wife. It was exactly what David Abrams said:

"Every so often, a novel lands in my hands as if it fell from the sky -- a happy surprise of literary delights, a book which transports and transfixes me, an original story which creates its own world with what seems like effortless artistry."

Here's a quick summary of the book from the Internet:
"Henry DeTamble is a time traveler, although not by choice. A genetic mutation causes him to spontaneously travel through time, disappearing from view, leaving behind his clothes and possessions, and arriving naked in another time and another place. For the most part, this is a curse. Henry often has to turn to petty crime to feed and clothe himself when he travels, and must run from people, thugs, or the police. Eventually Henry returns to his present time, bringing only the bodily injuries he's suffered back with him. Sometimes he travels back in time and visits an earlier version of himself. One of the places to which he travels often is the meadow behind Clare's house, and throughout her younger years, Clare meets him there and falls in love with him."

I felt sad when I reached the last page. It was like finally meeting your long lost friend and you try to squeeze all the cool things that you can do knowing that at the end of the day, you will have to say goodbye. Of course, I can always read the book but I know it wouldn't be the same.

I love how the book was surrounded with art; poems, paintings, music. The rilke poems are everywhere, both in English and German. Henry's passion for music and poetry and Clare's need to create are so inspiring. It is a love story, yes. Not just between Henry and Clare but between all the people surrounding their lives: parents, families, ex-lovers. Everyone is full of passion in this book. When you get to know the characters, you will laugh and cry with them. I actually felt both Clare and Henry's pain when they were waiting for the "time" to come.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Down in the dumps

I'm stuck. Here. Now. There's a lot of stuff to do but I can't seem to get started, let alone finish them all. I can't move. Or just won't.

Hence, the need for my medication. My very own red bull, gatorade, energy bar.

There. I feel much better now. Thanks Sean.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Not so Merry Christmas

My dsl is acting up again because of the recent Taiwan quake. I haven't been able to blog for a loooong time so I'll just write a quick summary of what happened for the past few weeks.

Dahil lahat ng blog may picture ng krispy kreme doughnut, ako din meron:

packaging and logo: super cool!
taste: nothing spectacular (or maybe i'm just not that hungry when i tried them)

Poker night with the bride-to-be.

December pictures of sandy:

playing with our sampayan

in her OFW costume

just chillin'

new inflatable horse (marunong na siyang magpose)

posing with her scarf/hat

and of course, her latest outfit from zara

(siempre may tag pa hehe)

Christmas was disappointing. Last year Sandy was still too small to "participate" so I promised her that next Christmas will be super fun. I will dress her up as santa, put up christmas stockings, visit her ninongs and ninangs, go out of town and buy her lots of small trinkets that she can open. None of them happened though. We were just so busy and so stressed that christmas passed by in a blur.

Food was great though. Finally had my much-awaited glass of wine and we tried to forget for the meantime that Sandy has a sensitive tummy. We gave her a taste of whatever we're eating. Nothing bad happened to her and I'm so hoping that her dairy-allergy is really gone.

Here's our christmas dinner.

Some pictures with Sherwin's relatives.

At my parents house.

My niece Gabby with our gift. She's all grown up now.

New year was so-so as well. Watched some fireworks from the terrace with Sherwin and Sandy. She said wow at one time after hearing mommy say it for the nth time.

I don't want to sound whiny but I miss my christmas traditions when I was still a kid. I want Sandy to have the same experience so she'll have something to look forward to every year. I know this isn't what Christmas is all about but I still feel bad. I'll just have to make sure that next year's gonna be a blast and that I won't break my promise this time.