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Saturday, December 29, 2007

No Space

We so need a new foam mattress for The Husband's folding bed. The buy-one-take-one mattresses that we bought two months ago are a thing of the past. Now I know why it was on sale. As I've already mentioned before, it's not really Sandy who co-sleeps with us; it's my husband. We put a foldable single bed every night beside our queen bed so we can pretend that we're all sleeping in one bed. So now that his mattress is unusable, we'll have to squeeze him again in our bed until we can find time to buy a new one for him.

Friday, December 28, 2007

EAT More Chocolates

There's a huge poster at Max Brenner that says, "Eat more chocolates".

So that's exactly what I did.

This photo was taken when my friend from Singapore took us to dinner last week. We ordered different kinds of hot chocolate, from spicy, nutty Mexican drinks to a weird chocolate drink mixed with something that taste a lot like flowers.

All good.

Chocolates make you fat but they also make you happy. I mean, have you tried their chocolate fondue? The combination of cheese, chocolate and nuts is just heaven. And any woman will agree that it's way better than progesterone when you're having PMS.

So, follow the advice. Forget about the huge waist and wide hips. As I always say to my dieting friends, a taste of heaven is better than wearing a bathing suit.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hope you all had a nice Christmas!

Here's a family photo taken on Christmas eve. Thanks to The Husband's tripod, we were finally able to have our much-awaited family picture. This photo is the best that we can manage because Sandy has this habit of doing ridiculous poses everytime she sees a camera. The matching red outfits were not planned, we all just showed up wearing something red. The red stripes on the two babies (well big baby in Sandy's case) matched nicely so the photos looked really Christmassy.

The two kids received tons of gifts which in my opinion could last for a year already.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hello World!

I just want to wish all my visitors and blogger friends a Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays!


Whenever my boss comes to the Philippines to check out his team, he brings old gadgets and computer paraphernalia to give away to anyone interested. Last year he gave me a used cisco router that I used for my home network. It lasted a year before I had to buy a new one. A couple of months ago, my boss asked me if I want one of his old iMacs. I can't answer him immediately because my heart was pounding really hard LOL. Of course I would love one! I can already imagine the difference it will make to my designs. Not wanting to sound too eager, I said, "Yeah, I could use one". Bad move. He thought I wasn't that interested and just told me to wait for another year and they might buy me a better model. LOL. Like that will ever happen. In their defense, they did pay for my HP laptop. However, that makes it even less possible that they'll purchase another one for me.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Things to Buy

I saw our old luggage this week while doing a general cleaning. It absolutely needs replacing really bad. We always use my mother-in-law's travelpro luggage whenever we go out of town and I am getting used to its size and portability. It's big enough to fit all our stuff including Sandy's can't-leave-without toys and lightweight enough for me. So I guess we'll add that to our too long list of things to buy next year.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sloppy Handwriting

Snagged this from Peachy

What Your Handwriting Says About You

You are a fairly energetic person. You know how do pace yourself, and you deal well with stress.

You are very extroverted and outgoing. You are loving, friendly, and supportive. However, you are also manipulative and controlling at times.

You are balanced and grounded. You know how to get along well with others.

You need a lot of space in your life, and it's easy for you to feel stifled. You avoid commitment and responsibility whenever you can.

You are somewhat traditional, but you are also open to change. You listen to your head and your heart.

You are a poor communicator. No one really knows exactly what you're getting at.

All I can say is... SO TRUE! Manipulative? Check. Controlling? Double Check. Traditional but open to change? Perhaps this is the better alternative for "I can't make up my mind."

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I should probably rename this blog to Shopping Network. I noticed that my recent topics were usually about shopping and buying stuff online. I'm not usually this shopaholic, in fact my dearest friends can attest how I save money up to the last centavo. Well, blame it on the holidays and the need to spread cheer right?

So back to the topic, The Husband and I will be having another shopping trip tomorrow to buy stuff for ourselves.
- Santa clause outfit for Sandy and her baby cousin Chloe
- two blouses for me
- another shirt and jeans for The Husband
- Sandy's Christmas outfit and hopefully two pairs of sandals

I just can't stop myself in buying more toys that I bought Sandy a toy makeup kit, silver camera and a Little Mermaid phone. They each cost around 100-200 bucks so nothing biggie. I just want her to open as many presents as she can regardless if their cheap and expensive.

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Shopaholic Mummee

Gosh I can't get enough of shopping. Can you imagine how addicted I am? I played hooky today just so I can squeeze some shopping time before we go full blown shopping tomorrow for the little girl. In my defense, I'm buying things for other people, to make them happy. I believe that it's better to give than to receive you know? So today, in a span of 2 hours, I bought 10 gifts which I wrapped quickly in 30 minutes. The little girl won't stop trying to help by putting scotch tape on all gifts that I had to re-do some of them.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Checking Out

I came across the MooseJaw site via my PUB assignment. My first impression is that I love the color scheme of the whole site including the layout. Almost all of our ecommerce clients in my company are into sports products so I make sure to take note the design of each sports site that I visit. I also liked the layout of the product detail pages and the tabs to display more info. I even tried to purchase some volcom clothing just to have a feel of the checkout process.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The big fuss

Every blog I go, someone wants to buy a laptop as a gift for themselves this Christmas. It's the new desktop. Even college students NEED to have one, either to make it convenient for them to study or just to upgrade their social status (I hope not). As for me, I only got one because my company shouldered the other half of the payment. I still feel desktops or iMacs are the way to go when it comes to graphic design.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Get Connected

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Party - Girlfriends

Here are some photos from last week's Christmas Party with my college girlfriends. We may be 10-20 lbs heavier but we're definitely 10 years wiser. I love how we all evolved into caring women. It’s nice to see my once carefree girlfriends worry about things such as if there’s soy in the food, the weird color on the baby’s poop or if 26 months is already late for the not so talkative toddler. Of course, old habits die hard so there are few moments when all we can talk about are shoes, bags and clothes. Our favorite topic, hottest boys in town, is now a thing of the past since we've already found our best mates. Oh, except for the two single moms who adore their babies and don't give a d@mn whether they find anyone or not. It’s a fine, fine day.

Friday, December 14, 2007


I just had to try this quiz.

You are Thong Sandals

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You're always seen in the latest styles

From glam to casual, you always look fantastic!

I'm not always updated with the latest styles but I do work hard to look good whatever I'm wearing :D

Can't get enough of shopping

Been browsing the Wilmington NC real estate website since this morning but I can't seem to finish my post about them. My mind is filled with shopping escapades and parties this coming weekend so I can't really concentrate. Sandy and I will be shopping on our own tomorrow for her shoes. I’m so excited to buy her a new pair after seeing the blogs of mommies posting their recent purchases. However, the Alice Crocs that I'm supposed to buy for Sandy is not available in Rustans (boo) so we'll have to make do with another style. December is really the best month. You can shop till you drop and no one will care, except your wallet LOL.

Sold Out No More

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It's Cooooold

Goodbye aircon. It's been really cold lately even in the afternoons. I try not to use the aircon anymore to cut cost on our electricity bills. If it were for me, I won't even turn that thing on. But Sandy and The Husband can't sleep without it so I had no choice. Aside from wanting to save, I'm just not that crazy about cold weather. The Husband laughs at me most of the time because I need to wear my PJs on top of my shorts and sometimes, even gloves when it's really cold. The two of them, on the other hand, can sleep on their not so thick shirts and shorts without a blanket.

A Week's Worth

Monday was magical because… I was able to design two websites under three hours. Whew! It's magical because I didn't slept the night before LOL.

Tuesday, what a tiring day, because… the excitement from the weekend waned down and I had to face reality that it's time to work.

My Wednesday was wild & crazy because… a friend is coming home and we made plans of shopping till we drop!

Thursday made me think about… how Sandy can be such a good girl when she wants to

Friday is the most fun because of… I can spend it looking forward to more parties this weekend.

Snagged from Alpha again :)

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Potty Trained?

I wrote about this milestone on my other blog. I'm not sure she's fully trained yet; there are still accidents here and there. I'm just amazed how quickly she adapted to the idea. She has been doing number 2 on our toilet for weeks now. I guess the soft toilet cushion helped a lot. And I think she enjoys hanging out with me in the bathroom while we're waiting for her poop. We talk about the silliest things like the name of the clock (clocky), the sound of the water, the sound of her poop, and even read magazines. Yes, she reads while waiting LOL. And when it comes, she'll say, "did you hear that mommy?". Oh you bet I did, sweetie. The "plok" sound is like a song to my ears. Congratulations.

Who Loves Jollibee?

I don't. I used to eat at Jollibee with my niece for so long that I couldn’t stand the taste of their fries and chicken anymore. OA. I can eat there if there's no more fast food available. But if I have a choice, then I'll probably go to McDonalds or KFC.

Anyway, just like my niece, Sandy is now also a fan. She loves to stand beside Jollibee and give him a high five everytime we passes by their store. So when we attended the party and she saw Jollibee move, she was so shocked and happy.

Some of her photos show her amazement, even laughing so hard at the merest touch of Jollibee's wings. So, now, I don't mind eating at Jollibee. If it makes her happy, I'll eat a thousand fries if I have to.

*I don't think they use potatoes on their fries anymore.

Nimbus VoIP

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Now, let's see how colorful I am. I saw this quiz on some of the blogs that I visit frequently and decided to try it for myself.

You Are an Orange Crayon

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You have a personality that's downright weird - and you wouldn't change it for anything.

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Your color wheel opposite is blue. Your confidence is something blue people truly envy.

It's sooo me! Loud. Confident. Weird. Haha.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Too Many Toys

Like I've said, Sandy has enough toys already. I give toys away every other week now I think. Everytime I clean up the closet and the toy boxes, the helpers in our house watch hoping that they can snag some. When I hand the old toys to them, their smiles are just so huge that I feel like I want to give some more. Which is why the contents of Sandy's big yellow box are now half empty. I mean, if she's not playing with them, why not make someone else's kid happy? The Husband on the other hand, hates it. Not the making someone happy part but the part where I throw/give away our stuff. He just loves hoarding old junk until they rot. If it weren't for me, our cabinet will be filled with his papers, gadgets, batteries, and electric plus since his College days.

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Another Tent

I was wrapping my gifts for Sandy when I noticed that the Dora Tent that we bought was damaged. See how cute it is?

I didn't notice that the box says, "Damaged Pole". Serves us right for buying it at half the price LOL. I think we can have it replaced though, because 500 bucks is still 500 bucks. She already opened almost all of her gifts so she only have three under the Christmas tree now. Plus the Dora tent if we can return it.

Site Hop

I like the design of this assisted living software website. I was just browsing for some ideas for a caring facility website when I came across Whenever I start designing a website, I usually check similar sites first for conceptualization purposes. I find it easier that way especially if I'm starting a website from scratch. It's a great way to familiarize myself with the types of services offered and what kind of elements are needed to make the site work.

Four Seasons

Las Vegas hotels are so in demand these days. Everytime I log in, I always see an assignment about hotels or restaurants in Vegas. Must be the holidays and people wanting to escape their relatives. LOL. Seriously, I wouldn't mind staying in one of the high-end hotels there. Have you seen the rooms at the Four Seasons hotel? It's just amazing. I don't think we can afford the $385 a night rate though so my best bet is to win one of those contests where they will fly you in for free including meal and accommodation.


Snagged from Alpha

1. As a child, what was your favorite toy?
I love jackstones, jump rope, play pretend with kitchen, dolls, dressing up my barbie

2. Were you more likely to play by yourself or with other children?
I played with other children. In fact, I was always the leader and the one who organizes all the games

3. What was your favorite children’s game?
Chinese garter, talunang tsinelas, luksong tinik

4. What kind of play were you most interested in?
Anything that lets you pretend you're someone else.

5. How well did you share?
Oh I love to share my toys. I didn't have lots of toys back then but I always make sure to share what's mine. That way, I have a reason to borrow theirs LOL.

Seaworld offers the lowest prices on discount tickets for all Orlando theme parks and attractions. This includes Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Islands of Adventure, Kennedy Space Center and more. I want to go to Sea World in the future to experience the world's largest underwater aquarium. I've been a fan of the universe and deep ocean for the longest time and seeing the scariest predators of the sea up close definitely sound like fun. I know Sandy would love that while The Husband would definitely ride Kraken all day, a roller coaster that takes you upside down seven times. Discount Seaworld Tickets are available at with a special limited time offer of free 2nd day when you buy a one-day ticket.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Inner Child

Who would've thought? But come to think of it, everything is just right except the part where "I don't worry when things look bad" because I'm just the biggest worrier out there. Which is why I love looking forward to seeing great things. I know I can't dwell on negative thoughts alone.

Your Inner Child Is Happy

You see life as simple, and simple is a very good thing.

You're cheerful and upbeat, taking everything as it comes.

And you decide not to worry, even when things look bad.

You figure there's just so many great things to look forward to.

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A Pig

That's what I am. I'm too lazy to do anything since yesterday and all I do is eat leftover cakes, pastas, etc. I gained five lbs for the last three days just for eating junk. I wonder why I always gain exactly 5lbs LOL. I never gained 2 or 3, always 5. Anyway, the parties were a success. I'm sooooo freakin' tired and my whole body is aching but it's so worth it. The Husband had so much fun with his closest friends. He also loved the one bedroom suite that I got and of course, all the food that I ordered for his consumption hehe.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Busy Weekend

Wow, the next few days will be very exciting (and tiring). We're now setting up to leave in a couple of hours. It's The Husband's birthday on Monday so we're going to stay at Astoria Plaza for two nights to celebrate. His friends will come tonight for a small party and the next day is another party for me and my girlfriends. I can't wait to see their babies. It has been so long since I saw them. I've been spending my free time wrapping about a gazillion gifts with Sandy's "help" (If I don't ask her, she'll just want the toys for herself) and I'm so excited to see the kids' faces when they see our gifts. Still need to order food though but after that, I'll let everything run its course.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Window Protection

I've never heard of glass tint being used at home. I learned all about it from the, a website offering san diego glass tint for residential and commercial markets. Glass tints are not only used for improving your window's appearance. You can save energy and decrease air-conditioning costs because the window film reflects the sun in the summer and prevents heat loss in the winter. It also blocks out damaging ultraviolet rays so your furniture and carpets will last longer.

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1. What do you like most: Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays (and why)?
Fridays. End of work week. Mall hopping, usually shopping. Spending time with the little girl and The Husband.

2. What was the best weekend of your life?
The first time The Husband and I went to Baguio

3. What weekend of the year is your favorite?
December weekends. Tons of shopping and lots of parties to attend to

4. Do you have any weekend routines?
Malling on Saturdays, grocery shopping on Sundays

5. Describe your ideal Saturday night.
Me and The Husband watching a new DVD while the little girl is either sleeping or busy playing.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


I know some people who enjoy online betting. My uncle, for one, loves to download and plays online casino games as his past time. He never fails to remind us the importance of gambling responsibly though especially when my auntie is within hearing distance.

If you want to try your luck with online gambling, bet365 is worth looking into. It has over 65 online games that you can play instantly such as black jack, poker, European roulette, deuces wild, joker poker, pop bingo, bonus bowling and more. The mentioned games can either be played with real money or for fun. On the other hand, progressive games like football betting will require you to play with real money. Bet365 offers a one-wallet system as well so you can take advantage of all the services under one account. The site provides a secure online environment so you can make the most out of your online betting needs.

Hee Hee

Just look at this baby. She looks so weird in that girly dress and small triangular patch of hair. And that small adoring eyes reserved only for her mommy.

Sigh. I don't recognize her anymore. She used to be so sweet. Now all she wants is do things her way, shout and throw tantrums when she can't. She's still equally lovely, though. I understand that she wants to be independent now. But I just miss that small little foot resting on my right thigh and that trusting little hand trying to support herself.

My Sandy. I wish I can stop the time.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Used Cars

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No Cry Solution

I want to buy this.

Synopsis from Amazon: This is a breakthrough approach for a good night's sleep - with no tears. There are two schools of thought for encouraging babies to sleep through the night: the hotly debated Ferber technique of letting the baby "cry it out," or the grin-and-bear-it solution of getting up from dusk to dawn as often as necessary. If you don't believe in letting your baby cry it out, but desperately want to sleep, there is now a third option, presented in Elizabeth Pantley's sanity-saving book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution".

And the person who desperately wants to sleep? That would be me. I tried to let her cry it out but she just threw up all over our sheets. I wonder if Sandy's not too late to be trained? She has been nursing to sleep for 2 years and three months now and I wonder if we will ever break that habit. Well, I know we will, of course, or else she'll be nursing until she gets married. It's just that I'm so weak in implementing rules and routines that I'm always the first one who breaks them.

We'll see though.


I'm trying to decide if I should upgrade my flickr account. I have more than a thousand photos there and I can't view them anymore. The basic account only displays up to 200 photos and won't be able to access the other photos until you upgrade. I haven't checked the price yet but I know it's somewhere between $20-$25. It's really affordable I know but if you add that to the list of the services that we pay annually, the total is huge. The thing that I like most is that you can add unlimited sets of photos. I can only add three on my basic account and it kinda sucks using the same set over and over.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


My client just bought a 44" LCD TV last week. He knows how I've been dreaming to have one so he won't stop bragging about it. He told me that if our business picks up in two or three months that he might give me one as a post-Christmas gift. How awesome is that? So regardless if he's joking or not, I'm now comparing the prices of hitachi 42 LCD or Samsung LCD at This site has its own search engine that allows a potential consumer to do an online research for a product that he wants to buy. Once he found the exact item that he wants, he can check for the list of retailers near his place. This Krillion Localization Engine produces the most accurate local shopping results on the Web that is targeted for consumers who are ready to buy. Since most appliances need to be tested and checked in person, this type of service connects the distance between online research and offline purchase.


I don't really feel comfortable with a real estate agent who does nothing but harass you with phone calls and emails. However, ever since my cousin and my mom went into the real estate industry, I try to understand why they have to do it. Since it's a cutthroat business, you need to be on guard or else someone will steal your prospect client. It's also important for them to "follow up" just in case the client changed his mind or would want a different property.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Sana Lang

Saw this photo while organizing my flickr account.

I love this long shirt of Sandy's. It looks good on her pussycat tights and baby couture shorts LOL. Got it from Gingersnaps so I'm hoping that the warehouse sale (see old post below) will have loads of this. I heard the shirts cost about Php150-Php200 so 8-10 shirts / blouses will absolutely make me happy.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

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Gingersnaps Sale

Wow! I only read about this just now. Gingersnaps is just my favorite. All of their clothes are just soooo cute and fabulous! Almost all of Sandy's outfits were bought from there. I noticed lately though that their prices are getting a bit expensive. I wonder if they will be selling new items as well? Gawd I can already see myself hoarding all the cute tees! It's a warehouse sale so the prices are probably dirt-cheap. Hay, I need to convince The Husband asap.

His idea of heaven

I've been talking to The Husband every two hours since he left for Sagada. I'm amazed at how clear the cell reception was and he can even hear Sandy babbling in the background. The Husband can't stop raving about how beautiful and cold it is there. Which is why I'm so excited to visit there soon. Aside from the fact that I hate being away from him, I've been dying to go there ever since I saw Sagada photos from a deviantart account. I wonder when it will be? I'm sure it will be just heaven. Literally.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Buying Gold

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Sandy's older cousin will be sleeping over tonight. Since The Husband is away, Sandy and I need to busy ourselves so we will not miss him that bad. Hence, the pajama party. The big Pooh tent is already up. The kitchen set, activity table, bikes and cars are lined up in preparation for the sleepover. It's going to be chaotic between the two of them. Sandy alone can turn our room upside down so what more with her Ate Gabby's help. My only hope is that they won't stay up so late playing. Not to mention that Gabby is known to look for her mom at night and will not stop crying until you do something about it.

Oh The Bratty Brat

I'm just catching up on blog assignments. The two girls are having so much fun as of this moment. There were a few fights over Dora, bike, laptop, etc so my throat hurts a bit because I've been explaining how they should share. It's harder with Sandy because she wasn't used to having a playmate. Good thing Gabby is a few years older so she's more willing to give in. When Sandy took all the toys that her Ate Gabby wants to play with, Gabby went to a corner and played with her gameboy. Sandy will then realized that she's all alone playing with her toys so she will go to her Ate Gabby to bug her again.

It's sooo hard. An eye-opener for me. We need to enroll Sandy in a play activity or something as soon as possible!

Wedding Cameras

I've never heard of wedding cameras until I watched a FRIENDS episode where Monica and Chandler got married. The idea is just so nice that I somehow wished that I did something similar on my wedding. I saw some being sold at and find their designs really nice. There are cute ring bearer and flower girl cameras, Bling Bling camera, beach camera, pink florals and the usual basic whites. It's so nice to see your wedding from your guests’ eyes right? It doesn't come cheap if you buy each one for your 250 guests but one camera per table will do just right. Sigh. Now I just keep on seeing my wedding flash before my eyes after browsing all the wedding favors and gifts from the site.


5 things found in my bag
* wallet
* mobile phone
* makeup kit
* chicco wipes
* books

5 things found in my wallet
* credit card
* ID
* calling cards
* loose cash
* important receipts

5 things found in my/our room
* my laptop
* our bed
* sandy’s toys
* tv set
* books, books and books

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
* sky diving
* learn French
* play the violin
* visit Ilocos
* scuba diving

5 things I’m currently into
* blogging
* designing
* shopping haha
* reading books
* scrapping

More On Gifts

What gift/s are you giving your kids this Christmas?

Now this, I can answer. We bought loads of stuff for Sandy this Christmas because she didn't open any presents last year. And we don't really visit her godparents (which is the usual Christmas tradition) so we decided to just give her gifts in small sizes so she'll have lots to open on Christmas Eve.

So here are the "small" gifts.
A telescope that magnifies stars up to 10x
A folding big Dora tent, her 2nd tent actually
A driving activity set
Coffee maker as an add-on for her kitchen
Little Tykes Scooter
Vtech Laptop
Barbie Convertible Car
Barbie Bed and Bath Suite

Credit Card for Sports Fans

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Christmas is so Near

My favorite month is here! There are tons of warehouse discounts and sales that I have nothing left in my Christmas shopping budget anymore. Still need to buy presents for the grandparents, in-laws, brother and other godkids that I'm not very close with. The Christmas tree is up but the whole house is still pretty bare. I wanted to start a tradition for Sandy but just like last year, I'm just too busy at work that I can't even find time to buy a huge Christmas stocking. Weekends are fully booked as of this moment and the only time that we can shop is December 15th. Gawd, that's like ten days before Christmas, I wonder how jam-packed the malls will be.

You might be thinking that all I do is shop. The thing is, Christmas just makes me want to go all out on presents. That's why it's called the season of giving right? I get a certain high whenever I see the big smiling faces of kids after they open our gifts. It's an amazing feeling, to give.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Off to Sagada

The Husband is leaving tomorrow night for Sagada. This will be the first time that we'll spend more than one night apart and I wonder how much I will miss him. I can't join him because face it, as if I can ever leave Sandy with anyone. And bringing Sandy along is just out of the question. The trip will be too tiring for her plus we're not familiar with the place. So I let The Husband go with his long time friend because he's been dying to go there for some time to take some photos.

I'm a bit nervous too because the weather is not that good for the past couple of weeks. I've read somewhere that there have been some landslide accidents near Benguet. I hope his trip will be uneventful. I also told him to consider his trip as the start of his birthday celebration. He's turning 32 next week and I want him to enjoy the whole month of December as much as he can.

Just Before Payday

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You Were Pretty Average This Year

You Were 50% Naughty, 50% Nice

You tried to be a good girl this year...

But as you know, being good isn't that fun!

If you're extra sweet, you may have enough time to get on that nice list.

Talk about being ordinary. Even the quiz thinks I'm pretty boring LOL.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lowest Rates on Hotel Packages

Buying hotel packages and airfare are so much cheaper when done online. I used to buy directly from the hotels and airlines but eversince I discovered about the discounted rates online, I never turned back. If you're looking for savings up to 70% off, then I suggest you go to Hotel Reservations. According to their Special Internet Rate Price Guarantee, if you found a lower rate for the same date and the same hotel, Hotel will match the lower rate or cancel your existing reservation with them without a cancellation fee. They have a huge listing of hotels, bed & breakfast, condo rentals plus transportation options that you can bundle with your hotel. With the help of their Destination guide, you can get the most out of your trip by carefully planning your itinerary, get recommendations on sites and restaurants to try, be updated with the weather and learn general information about the place you're going to visit.

Another Shopping

My sister-in-law found another warehouse selling dirt-cheap contemporary bedroom furniture. She's already getting more information on prices and quality of the items. If they are really cheap, we might head over there this Saturday hoping to find a nice bed for our room and a cabinet for her. We desperately need to update our bedroom furniture because it's starting to look more like a playroom. I'm particularly looking for a queen or king bed so The Husband can finally sleep with Sandy and me. We also need new lamps and could use a computer table with drawers to declutter my workspace.


1. They say elephants never forget. Would you compare your memory to that of an elephant or gnat?
Gnat. Eversince I gave birth, I find it hard to remember the smallest of things. Which is why I have notes on my computer, cellphone, walls.

2. What kinds of things do you find it easy to remember?
Special occassions - birthdays, anniversaries, the dress that I wore on a special day, happy memories

3. What kinds of things do you find it difficult to remember?
Usually the things that The Husband asked me like calling the laundry, calling the bank, find his favorite shorts, etc.

4. How does your short-term memory compare to your long-term memory?
My long term memory is way better. Which is why I can remember what I wore the first time I saw Sherwin and not where I placed his credit card yesterday LOL.

5. How do you commit things to memory? Do you use tricks, songs, images, word associations, or other little mnemonics?
Every memory in my head is filled with songs, smell and most of the time, the weather.

Presents for the Parents

Just when I just finished complaining about expenses, here I am listing my incoming shopping list again. It's for the parents, this time. A friend of mine from the States offered, as a Christmas present, a whole box for me to fill so she can bring it home with her this Christmas. She will pay for the fee so all I need to do is shop like crazy and ship all the items to her. Before I buy online though, I went to make a stopover at CouponChief and check their latest online coupons. I'm so happy when I saw the Overstock deals on clearance items. I saw a pair of multi-stone dangling earrings at Overstock last week and I know my mom and my mother-in-law will love those. As for my dad, I want to give him a watch so I'll probably take advantage of the 50% OFF Swiss Army coupon code and get him a really nice one for Christmas.

Even if this is the most expensive season, I know my parents will love our gifts that it just makes everything worth it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Miss Popular

Sandy receives about two to three kids party invitations a month. We rarely attend them because either the venue is either too far or we're not really close with the parents. Still, it feels good to be invited. I even joke about it to her Papa that Sandy inherited her popularity from my side. The Husband, although a leader, is not the type who mingles with strangers. I, on the other hand, always go home from a party, with two or three "new friends" on my list. Seriously though, I hope Sandy will become a social butterfly when she grows up. It's amazing what she can do if she inherits her parents’ traits - strong leadership and charm.

Still ...

I just can't resist that pretty smile.

She's such a good girl when I put a lot of my attention on her. She eats her meals peacefully, even tries to take a bath on her own, play quietly and just become a dream toddler. So I guess I'll have to increase the time that I spend with her so she will feel loved and secured. I know I'm talking Oprah-ish here but that's just how I see it. She's happier, more active, more cooperative and eager to learn when I'm the one who's watching her and not her yaya.

Treaty Treats

I know all about celebrities doing addiction treatment. There's a rehab for alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorder, etc.

What I didn't know is that there are facilities for other special treatments as well. Just look at Ashley Judd. She went into rehab to receive treatment for 'perfectionism'. I wonder what pushed her to go? Meanwhile, Isaiah Washington, my favorite Grey's actor, is now working into transforming his negative thoughts into positive results by checking in a rehab center. Remember he got fired from GA after his gay slur?

Well, they really do think of everything.

The Big No

This is the NO NO NO stage for Sandy. Everything I ask gets a NO reply - from brushing her teeth to peeing in the bathroom, to removing her PJs to taking a bath, to drinking her vitamins to sitting on her high chair. It can drive any parent mad really. And she doesn't just say "NO" like other kids. She has to shout it and stomp her feet. If she's in the mood to get really rowdy, she'll lie down, shout to the top of her voice and do some sort of twirling dance, like one of those break-dancing moves that you see on TV. I've read a lot of tips on how to deal with this but I keep on forgetting them when I need them most. So we always end up either shouting at each other (I have to shout or she won't hear me from because of her loud crying), me carrying her / restraining her, or she, all alone on the floor, trying to cry more while I try to calm myself.

Wish we had those Nanny 911 stuff here.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Boss and Red Sox

Seeing Fever Pitch on cable last week reminded me of one of my bosses. He's just as crazy about Red Sox as Jimmy Fallon's character in the movie. He trains his five-year-old son as early as now to love the team by bringing him to the games and explaining everything from the history of the game, to legends and heroes, to rules and regulations, to top plays and major leaguers. He even asked me once to design his own personal website for Red Sox so he can display the full Boston Red Sox Spring Training Schedule there, post some favorite photos and autographs, and put up a blog detailing his experiences and views about the game he love. He is so excited and told me just yesterday how he was able to buy a couple of ticket Red Sox Spring Training tickets at a cheaper price. He loves spring training because nothing beats seeing the players up close. I can feel his excitement as he tells me how he and his son are looking forward to have their photos taken with the players and ask for their autographs.

The Expensive Month

I knew December was going to be an expensive month. However, I didn't expect for the expenses to start as early as this week. I just spent more than $200++ yesterday shopping for Christmas gifts for my inaanaks. Good thing I bought them from a warehouse, at 50% off so I don't feel that bad at all. I think what made them expensive are the items that I got for the little girl. I mean I just can't shop for other kids without shopping for her right? Plus The Husband will only let me splurge if I buy "items" for Sandy. Whenever I pick up a toy, he will say, "that's cute! 'That for Sandy?" And I will answer, "no! I just bought her tons of stuff" to which he will reply, "well I'm sure she will love that" and then walk away as if leaving me to decide haha. Of course, he knows I'm too smart for that approach so what he'll do is to make sure to add another plastic bag containing similar items for his little girl. I shouldn't have bothered with a list in the first place LOL.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Keeping Everything Safe

I first heard of insurance when the husband and I were looking for a car to buy. The breakdown of expenses included the annual payment for the car insurance. I didn’t think it was important back and I told the husband that we should not go through with that quote. A year after that, we had a minor accident using my mom-in-law's car and the damage, although small was immediately taken cared of by the insurance company. When the husband suggested that same year that we get our life insurance since were planning to have a baby, I didn’t think twice and agreed. I never really understood the importance of insurance until we had sandy. Everything just seems to matter when she was born. We wanted to make sure that shell be okay when we die. With the help of an agent, we compared various packages that that falls on our budget and meet our needs. Since then I became familiar with all types of insurance from home insurance, health insurance and even pet insurance. You just can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your assets and loved ones.

No Rain

I think the typhoon changed her mind and went to a different route. The sky is still cloudless and the temperature is comfortably cold. Sandy is already sleeping as of this writing. She wanted to nurse but I kept on pretending that I'm asleep. After 15 minutes of trying, she gave up, turned her back and faced the wall, moving her back close to my chest so she can sleep in her favorite position. Great job for the both of us right? So now I'm just killing time doing my favorite past time, which is to bloghop before my husband gets home from a birthday party.

Have a great night to all.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Need Tickets?

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Another typhoon

... is supposed to hit Bicol this week. When I heard about it, all I can think about was that I won't be able to go shopping this weekend. However, after seeing Aggie's post and the news on how the families are now being evacuated on some provinces, I felt so shallow. Hundreds of families and individuals are worried for their safety and here I am, wondering if it will rain too hard to prevent me from going out. I even forgot how we had it so bad on last year's milenyo when we had no water and electricity for five days. So really, I need to keep my priorities straight.


I've been slaving away the entire night just to help a friend clean up her website codes. It started as me just checking what's wrong but I ended up re-doing almost the entire code. The problem with me is I just can't say no to people. Plus I can be realy a control freak that I always find myself saying "let me just handle it" even before I can remember that I have tons of stuff to do as well. So now, after three hours of debugging, her page is looking 70% alright. I guess I've done my job now as a friend and that she won't mind if I don't finish everything.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Magic Beyond Imagination

I love magicians! The good ones, at least. There's no better way to make anyone's event unsuccessful by hiring unprofessional magicians whose magic tricks couldn't even trick the youngest of kids. It's different with Robert McEntee, a long island magician, who have been providing total family entertainment for over 20 years. To quote him, "My job as a magician is to make sure the audience’s imagination comes to life….to let them experience a sense of awe and amazement, as well as joy and laughter." His act, called "Magic Beyond Imagination", can be tailored depending on the audience's age and type of event. A graduate of Villanova University as well as Mystery School, his performances are usually highlighted by spectacular illusions such as floating someone in the air and making a guest of honor appear in a puff of smoke. He also does musical routines, storytelling, and even balloon sculpturing and fire eating, which kids totally love. For older audiences, he performs astounding mind reading, feats of memory, hypnotic entertainment, reading speed, intuition, goal attainment and much more. Every presentation is customized for each individual audience and the event planner's requirements.

The Fit One

The Husband can't get enough of the treadmill now ever since he lost 6 lbs in a span of two months. Of course it helped that he's now using boxing as a workout. He's also eating a balanced diet so I'm forced to eat one as well. As a wife, I need to support him and not eat junk while he's having one toast for dinner. Pizzas are now a thing of the past, well except once a month of course. Who can't live without 'em? He doesn't eat rice and for someone like me who breathes three plates of rice per meal, that just shows how badly he wants to lose the 20 lbs he accumulated over the year.

Trial Parenting

The usual scenario

Me: Sandy, brush your teeth
Sandy: No, no. (running away, jumping, running, playing)
Me: Let's take a bath
Sandy: Noooooo, I don't want take a bath. I need to play only. (she loosely uses the word need)
Me: No more touching mommy's dede. Mommy has aw-aw (In response to her whenever she pinches my other nipple to help her sleep, while breastfeeding!)
Sandy: No! Soft touch only, like this, like this.

So instead of getting angry and telling her who's boss, I tried to follow the tip that I read from one parenting forum. Talk to your kid when she's calm so she can understand what you want her to do.

So I waited an hour after when the little girl was so calm and happy while playing with her toys.

Me: Sandy, please do what mama tells you. I will get angry if you don't.
Sandy (thinking hard for about 20 sec): Okay mommy will get angry like Papa. Papa's always angry.

I know my reasoning with her (because I'll get angry??!!) is wrong to start with. Look at the title, it's called a trial. Still, I didn't know that Sandy thinks her Papa is always angry. That's what you get Papa for being hot-headed! So control your anger people especially in front of the kids.

Medical Supplies

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More Bohol Photos

Sharing some more photos from our recent Bohol Trip.

Here's our little girl looking out at the Chocolate Hills. There were a series of photos before this shot which consist of myself trying to hold on to her. She'd rather stand on her own and won't let anyone touch even her shirt. Being a kid that she is, she's probably seeing something amazing that she's not even afraid to look down. I, on the other hand, is not that crazy about heights and can feel my heart thumping wildly everytime I take a step.

My new blog

is still in progress for like weeks. However, I'm happy to say that I've finally finished working on the theme so I can get started on posting. I didn't design the theme, but there were a lot of bugs that I had to fix before I can make it work. I love the new look and feel. As soon as I figure out how to export links, I'll post it here so you can all visit :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Secure Data

There's a new security software called NOD32 Anti Virus. It's a combination of the best security softwares out there including anti virus, anti spyware, exploits, and firewalls. For someone like me who installs gazillion softwares every day because it's part of my job, this software is exactly what I need. By combining all features in one place, Software Security Solutions are making it easier and cheaper for consumers to protect their systems. They even offer a 30-day back guarantee, which in my opinion is always the best way to convince people to buy your product. I mean, would you be willing to give their money back if you're not sure that your product can perform? Perhaps it's just a marketing approach but it's working on me. My whole online life, including my bread and butter is in my computer. So $39/year isn't such a big deal to protect all my data.

Blog Hopping

I lost track of time. I was supposed to just snag some tags from other blogs but I got engrossed reading some of the mommy's posts. I need to remind myself to post something about being addicted to blogging too. Everyone has become a hungry wolf now that we tend to forget that some other things are way more important. Look at me, I kept on postponing working on my designs considering it's my main job. The little girl is already 26 months and I haven't even started on her 6th month layout. There are more that just makes me feel guilty so I'll reserve that thought for another day.

Experiencing New Zealand

I've been wanting to visit New Zealand ever since my college friend moved there. She said there are lots of jobs opportunities and that it's easier to get approved than U.S. We'll have to come up with a huge amount of money though before we can apply. Which is why instead of migrating, The Husband and I decided to just go there for a vacation. I saw some cheap flights to Auckland from DialAFlight site plus some cheap hotel packages starting at £24 a night. I really like checking out because they offer a wide variety of cheap flights; affordable hotels, car for rent and other resources that can help anyone plan their dream holidays. I also browsed their New Zealand holidays and couldn't help but be amazed on their packages like The Ultimate Honeymoon, New Zealand and Fiji combined, New Zealand self drive, Completely New Zealand and more. All packages have something to do with water (beach, lagoon), which is just what we're looking for.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I just posted a long review of Bohol on my main blog. Please check them out here, here and here. It really was a beautiful place. The Husband even told me that he might have to bump Baguio down to number 2 on our list of places where we'll retire. He liked how simple life is in Bohol and how easy it is to lead a clean, healthy lifestyle. Baguio is now over populated and the crimes are getting prevalent.

Here's a preview of our photos in Bohol.

Shopping For Protection

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Healthy Living

Snagged this from Nice.
1. What is your definition of ‘healthy eating’?
- less junk food like chips, more veggies and right food preparation

2. Do you exercise on a regular basis? What is your favorite form of exercise? Least favorite?
- I used to run everyday either on treadmill or the oval near my office. Now my only exercise is carrying the little girl

3. Do you take vitamin supplements?
- Yes. I take Vitamin C and other nutritional supplements that I get monthly from my sister-in-law.

4. Can you tell that your body is getting older? If so, how?
- I get tired easily and find that I'm sleepy all the time.

5. Would you call yourself healthy?
- I guess, yeah. I don't get sick that often and when I do, which is usually once a year, it lasts for 2-3 days.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Trust Seal

With so many surgical malpractices these days, I wonder how celebrities can still afford to go under the knife. Just the recent news about Kanye West's mother was so tragic that you'd think other people would be more careful. Good thing care. This is a company who provides a database of trusted plastic surgeons in the U.S. They carefully research each surgeon that's included in their network to make sure that they pass their criteria in education, certification and track record. So far, over 14,000 plastic surgeons have been investigated and about two-thirds of that has been removed due to lack of training and certification. state that the "trust" rate for plastic surgeons is approximately 29%. This type of service is especially helpful to people who either don't have the time to investigate or have no idea where to get started in their research. By placing the Trusted Surgeon seal on the website of an approved plastic surgeon, prospective clients will have the assurance that the surgeon has been extensively examined and reviewed and passed the criteria.

Back to the real world

We just got back this afternoon which just means I'm now cramming on my paid assignments and tasks from my boss. I wished I didn't have to go home. Bohol was just amazing with all the music and nature surrounding it. People are smiling, singing, dancing almost everywhere you look. It feels like Christmas where strangers seem cheerful and friendly whenever you pass them on the streets. It's way better because you can hear the waves crashing softly on the shores. Oh my, this is the part that I dread most. To want something that I can't have. I know I can't wait to check on my emails but if given the choice, I would love to just stare at the calm sea until the sun goes down.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hours Before The Trip

Our much-awaited vacation is here! Five hours to go before we wake up the little girl so we can head to the airport. I don't think I'll be able to sleep at all from too much excitement. Well, that and the design tasks that I need to finish before I enjoy my five days of freedom. Everything's set including Sandy's new life vest and goggles, her toiletries, bathrobes and beach toys. She has been sleeping for an hour, which is highly unusual because 10PM is still way too early for her. I just hope she won't get cranky tomorrow when we wake her up around 3AM.

Gosh, I can feel the sand under my feet already.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Better Care For You and Your Loved Ones

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How lucky can you get

My entire Outlook mailboxes are corrupted. Geez, just when I need them the most. I hope I can find a backup on my desktop or else I'm screwed. I have 2 years worth of work on my email and I depend on those emails like a plant needs water. I should've just copied the logins in a notepad like I used to. But I've been finding it hard to organize ever since I worked from home. So I just leave the important stuff where they are, no matter how messy they look because at least, I'd know where exactly to find them. Well, serves me right for being a slob.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

3 Things I Can’t Let Go Of

1. My cellphone. I just love that I can browse the Internet, read my favorite ebooks, take nice photos and videos, calculate our expenses (yes, this is my hobby)

2. Old letters and cards from past boyfriends and suitors. It's fun reading about them all over again. I even want to show them to my kids when they grow up :)

3. Old Mp3 files and digital photos. These are my time machine. They just bring me back to any time I want.

On Mortgage Lists

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Mommy Party Photos

Here's the link to our advanced Christmas Party for mommies.

It really was fun seeing everyone there including their hubbies and kids. All the moms are lovely and oh-so-fabulous as expected. The daddies are game as well, most probably because they're scared of their wives haha (kiddin').

There are just tons of photo opportunity everywhere you look. Lots of smiling faces, loud laughter from the moms (obviously), kids screaming with delight, kids fighting over the balloons, hugging and kissing, dancing and eating in between. Thanks to The Husband for taking wonderful photos. We have over 200+ shots, good thing I remembered to charge our digital camera battery.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Car Quotes

The Husband and I are planning to purchase a new car next year. I can't say when exactly because it will all depend on the budget. The Husband is particular with Honda Cars so I'm browsing several web sites to research on Honda Car Prices. A car comparison site called caught my eye because they are offering Honda Car Quotes for free. When I went to their site, I immediately saw the free quote box wherein you can select the year, make, model and trim of the vehicle that you're planning to purchase. You can have up to two free quotes on any car so you can compare the prices before you buy. The site also offers car loans, car refinance and auto warranty so any potential buyers can move to the next step if they choose to.


Oh my god! The party was a huge success! Who knew the mommies (not me) who used to spend big bucks on their "simple parties" will enjoy an old, good McDonald party? It helped that we're so psyched to see each other in person after reading each other's blogs for some time. I don't know if I can sleep at all. Like a kid who just ate a bag of sweets, I'm so high from the party that I think I'll bounce from one wall to another. The Husband took our photos and they all looked wonderful. Can't wait to post them already! I'll post more details about the party on my main blog soon.


We're having our advanced Mommy Christmas Party this afternoon. I'm so excited to meet the mommies and their kids. I feel like I already know all of them after reading their blogs for so long. Not everyone can come but still, most of them are my regular visitors so I'm so thrilled to finally get a chance to chat with them in person. The daddies will be present as well to take photos LOL.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Credit Card Deals

Do you know how many credit cards we use? Five. And most of the time, we max them out. Well, the ones that have a small draft, at least. It's just so tempting to use credit cards these days with so many shopping deals out there. You just feel like you're missing out on something big if you don't purchase them. Add to that is the increasing amount of 0% credit cards wherein you can purchase an expensive item and pay it in installment terms without any interest at all. Other credit card deals that might convince you are lower interests rate for balance transfers, free annual fees, huge bonuses per purchase, cash back rewards, free Internet protection and more. As an experienced credit card user though, I'd like to suggest that you should compare the offers first before signing up for one. There are websites like that can help you browse through some of the most popular credit cards and compare them side-by-side so you can properly choose the one that's right for you. You could be saving a lot on annual fees in one card but some other cards can save you more because of the cash back rewards. So it's really up to you on how you should maximize your use of credit cards. Lastly, in my personal opinion, paying in huge chunks, if you have the money, can save you a lot in the long run rather than just paying the minimum payment monthly.

Shopping All Day

That's what we've been doing for the last ten hours. Imagine that! And with a toddler in tow! Of course, it helps if you give her ice cream or a lolli when going from shop to shop. Before you accuse me of giving junk to my kid, you should know that it's only her 2nd time to eat a lollipop and she's already what, 2 years old? As for the ice cream, it was just one scoop and she even had to share it with her Papa. Anyway, we've been shopping because our Bohol trip is five days away. We had to buy some floating device, bathing suit, aqua socks, etc for the little girl so she can make the most out of our island getaway. I didn't know why we took that long to shop, perhaps the snacks in between, about four of them, is the reason.

Royalty Free Video Clips

Cinematographers usually earn money while they are on the field. When they're done with a project, they end up with a huge amount of footages in their hands. Now, with the help of AlwaysHD, they can now collect their high definition footages and put it up for sale at AlwaysHD website. AlwaysHD connects talented cinematographers with many producers who are always on the look out for professional high definition videos. The excess videos and footages gets edited, clipped and processed to make it more marketable online. Currently, AlwaysHD is one of the main providers of HD Professional Stock Videos which is why production companies like broadcast TV studios, documentary producers; cinema studios are consistently buying from them. The stock videos are being sold royalty-free which means that they can use it worldwide for any length of time. The contributor receives 50% of the net revenue generated from the sale of their footages. It's a great way for talented cinematographers to earn extra revenue from their old footages without doing a lot of work.

The Most Memorable Thing

What's the most memorable thing your kid has done to you

My daughter loves to massage my back and feet whenever she sees my lying down. All I have to say is "I'm tired" and she will immediately pretend to get a lotion so she can rub it on my back. She's so caring and loving that I sometimes forget that she's only 2 years old. She also hugs me whenever she has a chance, kissing my lips and cheeks for no reason at all.

I guess the baby books are right when they say that your kids will inherit how you treat people. Which in this case, the way I care about her.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sleeping in 3s

I'll never have enough of the beds from Everything in their collection are just beautiful, from Sleigh Bed to Queen Beds, storage beds and canopy beds. But what we really need is a huge bed that can accommodate three grown persons. Sandy, although only 2 years old, is already more than 3 feet tall and has a habit of tossing and turning, waking everyone beside her. King Beds are the only way that the three of us can a have decent sleep together. I feel bad about The Husband sleeping in a folding bed for so long that it's really time to get a new one. There's this platform king bed that I really like from Furniture From Home and just by looking at it, I know it will last us for the next 20 years. Too bad we're married already or else I will definitely add this to our registry.

School Girl

Sandy loves to pretend that she goes to school. I'm not sure if this is a sign that she's ready for preschool but seeing how she loves to read, learn her ABCs and numbers makes me want to enroll her already. Here's a photo of her drawing in her magnetic pad while she's in school.

The thing is, she gets bored after sitting for 6-8 minutes. So I'm really having second thoughts whether it's time for her to go. Should we enroll her in a playschool instead? That would be like wasting your money, LOL. I mean, we can always play here or she can go outside to hang out with other kids. But we'll see where the wind blows.

Make Money From Your Blog

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Excited to the max

Have you seen this?

Warehouse, Calle Industria, Libis, Quezon City
December 1-2, 7-9, 14-16, 19-21
9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Saturday and Sunday)
1:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Weekdays and Fridays)
Up to 80% off on branded toys, clothes, and shoes

I just can't tell you exactly how excited I am to go here. It's what I usually look forward to during Christmas, you know. Overcrowded bazaars, Christmas music floating in the air, long list of inaanaks and shopping for their gifts, shopping for our Christmas outfits and of course, the endless sales like the one mentioned above. And if you go to bazaars like the ones in Ayala Alabang, the treat of seeing the Christmas decors of the luxury homes there is enough to make your day.

Unfortunately, The Husband just hates crowds and gets all cranky whenever we visit bazaars or crowded malls. Most of the time, I make him feel guilty by telling him that it's the one thing that I love most. Crowds during holidays bring me back to a certain time when I used to shop with my mom for gifts. So in the end, he'll give in and support me by carrying all the shopping bags when I go Christmas shopping. In return, I buy him something expensive so everybody's happy :D

Adjustable Weight Loss Procedure

I've been hearing about this Tampa lapband surgery from other celebrity blogs and how they prefer this procedure than gastric bypass. From Journey Lite's website who specializes in Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding or LAP-BAND® System procedure, I learned that what makes this procedure different is because it's completely adjustable and reversible. The process goes like this - a Journey Lite surgeon will make tiny incisions in the abdomen and insert a silastic band, which will create a small pouch and narrow passage to the larger stomach. This band will restrict food intake without interfering with your body's normal digestive system. The small pouch can hold small amount of food so the patient will have the feeling of fullness. The band can be adjusted to increase or decrease the speed at which the food empties into the stomach. Many successful clients have reported a weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week. This is considered the least invasive amongst other weight loss procedures because no cutting or rerouting of small intestines are involved. Because of this, the chance of complications is very low and recovery period is quicker.

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How did motherhood change you?

I am more giving, forgiving and understanding. Now I always think about what the other person is feeling before I act. I put myself in somebody else's shoes just to find a different perspective. I cry all the time. I'm emotional. I care more about life, the environment, the government, and the world. I take joy in things that I usually take for granted. I am stronger, braver but somehow more afraid than ever.

Because now, another life depends on whatever I do. Any plans, opinions, acts that I make will affect my daughter if not now, but in the future. My dreams are now her dreams. My life is my daughter.

Online Casino Reviews

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Mommy Stuff

1. What food did you crave when you were pregnant?
I didn’t crave anything but I ate a LOT.

2. Did you gain a lot of weight when you were pregnant?
Yes, 50 lbs! Good thing they’re all gone. I’m slowly gaining some though hehe.

3. Did you drink milk when you were pregnant?

4. How long did you stay in the labor room before your delivery?
2 hours man! It was a sweet and quick labor.

5. Did you have epidural during labor?
All natural and I will do it all over again if the next time will be as easy. I also took a lamaze class so I was pretty prepared. But I remember asking for epidural when I was already 8cm to which the residents replied by throwing a pillow at my face. (close kami eh haha)

6. How did you give birth?

7. What was your first reaction when you heard your baby’s cry and saw him/her for the first time?
My first thought - “Lumabas na?” I thought I was going to cry but I didn’t haha. I was just so tired. The Husband said he was the one who cried LOL. He was with me when I gave birth and I immediately asked him to count Sandy’s fingers and toes.

8. Prior to that moment when you first held your baby, did you know how to carry a newborn?
Oh yeah, don’t know why but I became a mother instantly (naks!) To think I never wanted to have kids when I was single.

9. Did you take a bath after your delivery?
Nope, took a bath on my 3rd day.

10. How was your first night with your baby like?
Oh gawd, it was a disaster. We didn’t know it was going to be that hard. The Husband and I changed her diaper for 30 minutes. It was life changing and so difficult that we just want to forget about it.

11. Did you breastfeed your baby?
Yes. Up to now haha. Walang awat.

12. If you were to pick just one moment from the time you gave birth until the moment you were discharged from the hospital, which do you think is the most special moment for you?
When I looked at her face and smelled her head. It was just those moments when you wonder if you deserve to have this wonderful, spectacular, amazing little bundle of joy.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Have your company working more efficiently

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With over 20 years of experience in Warehouse Consulting, F. Curtis Barry & Company has the know-how to help your company move to the next level. You'll quickly see why they're an industry leader in helping companies become more efficient.

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Everything You’ve Been Looking For

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Here's the little girl praying for her Lolo at the Loyola Memorial. She used to ask us where her Lolo Cesar is. Now she knows.

It was also her first time to visit the cemetery and since we went there when there's no more crowd, she had fun having the park all to herself. She ran around; chasing butterflies, touching the flowers, jumping on the grass and hanging out under the big trees.

24-Hour Cash

I was organizing my junk in my computer table when I saw three envelopes containing our credit card bills. We were so busy for the past week that I totally forgot about them. The due date has passed which means we'll need to pay for the additional interest next month. Good thing that whenever we buy something using credit card, I set aside the amount that we spent so we'll have something to pay for when the invoices arrive. Not everyone can have this kind of discipline though. If you find yourself in a tight situation and need extra cash fast, PayDayLoanQuotes can help. Applying for Faxless Payday Loans can be done in three easy steps. First, fill out the short online form containing your contact, employment information and bank account details. This information is important because the lenders will base your qualification based on them. Once you qualify, a lender will contact you online or via phone and provide you with the loan terms or ask for more information. If approved and you agree to the loan terms, all that's left to do is send them the electronic agreement and the money is yours in a matter of 24 hours. Just like that.

What's Your Flavah

1. What’s your favorite color?
green, pink, purple

2. What’s your favorite quote?
Both from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist:
-It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life so interesting
-I’m afraid that if my dream is realized, I’ll have no reason to go on living

3. Favorite television show?
Everybody loves Raymund, Grey’s Anatomy, FRIENDS

4. What part of the chicken is your favorite?

5. When you get a cold or the flu are you tough or a big baby?
Big baby - whining here and there to get some TLC from hubby

6. Are you more serious or a big dork?
One huge dork

7. Use one word to describe how you are feeling right now.

8. Name your worst habit.
Like Alpha, I worry a lot.

9. Name a book that you could read over and over again.
Griffin and Sabine Trilogy, Harry Potter 7 (my latest fave)

10. Are you a collector of anything?
Junk, yes.

11. What’s one of your favorite blogs to read?
Aside from the ones on my blogroll, I just love,, gavin-rossdale blog

12. Name one thing you are passionate about.
I just love anything that has to do with art.

Finding The Right Printer

We have about 40GB worth of photos sitting in my laptop, waiting to be printed. We want to save by buying our own printer so I can print all of them including my digiscrapping layouts. I still have no idea what kind of printer we need to buy though. Good thing I came across, Cartridge Finder, a site that offers a wide variety of all printer-related products from all major brands such as Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Samsung and more. You can easily browse products by Brand and a list of products will be displayed. Each product checks's merchant listings so you can be assured that you're getting the best price on the product that you're looking for.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mini Control Freak

That's Sandy I'm talking about on the title. Here's why:

Her yaya is cleaning up her mess and putting her "food" toys on the top basket.

Sandy: Ate Ayin, not there! There, o, in the food area. (Pointing to the 3rd basket containing all her plastic food toys such as chicken, veggies, tomatoes, ham)

Sandy sneezed and her snot were all over the floor.

Sandy: Mommy, wipe the floor please.

I'm reading a book and accidentally pronounced a word incorrectly

Sandy: Mommy, don't say (insert word here), say (insert correct pronunciation)

While I'm preparing her food on her Barney place

Sandy: Put the rice here on Barney's body. The chicken there, on Barney's head

When I'm giving her a bath

Sandy: Don't touch my face, body only body only. Then head, like a baby.

Classy Workspace

I've been so lazy for the past three days. This is the problem when you work from home. There are just too many distractions. Plus a proper office really makes a difference. Which is why my next project is to invest in an executive desk. I saw some nice ones at, my latest favorite Home Furniture store hangout. I've been visiting this site for some time and even made a post about their Dining Room Furniture and Living Room Furniture. They have an amazing collection of almost everything that you'll ever need for your home.

So back to my search for the perfect desk, I fell in love in this Old World Executive desk from their site. It has so many drawers, which will be very useful for me because I have tons of junk and paraphernalia on my current desk. It has a pull out drawer for a keyboard, built in compartment for a PC and huge seat opening for comfortable computer chairs. This desk is just too beautiful for words. I'm sure even my mother-in-law would prefer to work form home if she has a desk like this.