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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Magic Beyond Imagination

I love magicians! The good ones, at least. There's no better way to make anyone's event unsuccessful by hiring unprofessional magicians whose magic tricks couldn't even trick the youngest of kids. It's different with Robert McEntee, a long island magician, who have been providing total family entertainment for over 20 years. To quote him, "My job as a magician is to make sure the audience’s imagination comes to life….to let them experience a sense of awe and amazement, as well as joy and laughter." His act, called "Magic Beyond Imagination", can be tailored depending on the audience's age and type of event. A graduate of Villanova University as well as Mystery School, his performances are usually highlighted by spectacular illusions such as floating someone in the air and making a guest of honor appear in a puff of smoke. He also does musical routines, storytelling, and even balloon sculpturing and fire eating, which kids totally love. For older audiences, he performs astounding mind reading, feats of memory, hypnotic entertainment, reading speed, intuition, goal attainment and much more. Every presentation is customized for each individual audience and the event planner's requirements.