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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Big No

This is the NO NO NO stage for Sandy. Everything I ask gets a NO reply - from brushing her teeth to peeing in the bathroom, to removing her PJs to taking a bath, to drinking her vitamins to sitting on her high chair. It can drive any parent mad really. And she doesn't just say "NO" like other kids. She has to shout it and stomp her feet. If she's in the mood to get really rowdy, she'll lie down, shout to the top of her voice and do some sort of twirling dance, like one of those break-dancing moves that you see on TV. I've read a lot of tips on how to deal with this but I keep on forgetting them when I need them most. So we always end up either shouting at each other (I have to shout or she won't hear me from because of her loud crying), me carrying her / restraining her, or she, all alone on the floor, trying to cry more while I try to calm myself.

Wish we had those Nanny 911 stuff here.