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Friday, November 09, 2007

Mommy Stuff

1. What food did you crave when you were pregnant?
I didn’t crave anything but I ate a LOT.

2. Did you gain a lot of weight when you were pregnant?
Yes, 50 lbs! Good thing they’re all gone. I’m slowly gaining some though hehe.

3. Did you drink milk when you were pregnant?

4. How long did you stay in the labor room before your delivery?
2 hours man! It was a sweet and quick labor.

5. Did you have epidural during labor?
All natural and I will do it all over again if the next time will be as easy. I also took a lamaze class so I was pretty prepared. But I remember asking for epidural when I was already 8cm to which the residents replied by throwing a pillow at my face. (close kami eh haha)

6. How did you give birth?

7. What was your first reaction when you heard your baby’s cry and saw him/her for the first time?
My first thought - “Lumabas na?” I thought I was going to cry but I didn’t haha. I was just so tired. The Husband said he was the one who cried LOL. He was with me when I gave birth and I immediately asked him to count Sandy’s fingers and toes.

8. Prior to that moment when you first held your baby, did you know how to carry a newborn?
Oh yeah, don’t know why but I became a mother instantly (naks!) To think I never wanted to have kids when I was single.

9. Did you take a bath after your delivery?
Nope, took a bath on my 3rd day.

10. How was your first night with your baby like?
Oh gawd, it was a disaster. We didn’t know it was going to be that hard. The Husband and I changed her diaper for 30 minutes. It was life changing and so difficult that we just want to forget about it.

11. Did you breastfeed your baby?
Yes. Up to now haha. Walang awat.

12. If you were to pick just one moment from the time you gave birth until the moment you were discharged from the hospital, which do you think is the most special moment for you?
When I looked at her face and smelled her head. It was just those moments when you wonder if you deserve to have this wonderful, spectacular, amazing little bundle of joy.