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Friday, November 02, 2007

Compare and Save Buckets!

There's a new comparison site called Save Buckets that searches the web for the lowest available price on any product. Whether a buyer is looking for mp3 players or home furnishings, Save Buckets will show which store can offer the best price. The buyer also has an option to search for shops that are most visited online such as Asda, Comet, John Lewis, PC World, and more. And if the buyer wants a better deal, they can enter the price that they would like to pay using the My Price feature. Save Buckets will then email the buyer when the product that they want has reached the amount that they're looking for. If Save Buckets fail to find a price that fits a buyer's budget, they will offer him the current lowest price available. And to help consumers get total shopping satisfaction, they provide a categorized list of guides that explain to consumers what they need to look for when purchasing products online.