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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Experiencing New Zealand

I've been wanting to visit New Zealand ever since my college friend moved there. She said there are lots of jobs opportunities and that it's easier to get approved than U.S. We'll have to come up with a huge amount of money though before we can apply. Which is why instead of migrating, The Husband and I decided to just go there for a vacation. I saw some cheap flights to Auckland from DialAFlight site plus some cheap hotel packages starting at £24 a night. I really like checking out because they offer a wide variety of cheap flights; affordable hotels, car for rent and other resources that can help anyone plan their dream holidays. I also browsed their New Zealand holidays and couldn't help but be amazed on their packages like The Ultimate Honeymoon, New Zealand and Fiji combined, New Zealand self drive, Completely New Zealand and more. All packages have something to do with water (beach, lagoon), which is just what we're looking for.


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