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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mini Control Freak

That's Sandy I'm talking about on the title. Here's why:

Her yaya is cleaning up her mess and putting her "food" toys on the top basket.

Sandy: Ate Ayin, not there! There, o, in the food area. (Pointing to the 3rd basket containing all her plastic food toys such as chicken, veggies, tomatoes, ham)

Sandy sneezed and her snot were all over the floor.

Sandy: Mommy, wipe the floor please.

I'm reading a book and accidentally pronounced a word incorrectly

Sandy: Mommy, don't say (insert word here), say (insert correct pronunciation)

While I'm preparing her food on her Barney place

Sandy: Put the rice here on Barney's body. The chicken there, on Barney's head

When I'm giving her a bath

Sandy: Don't touch my face, body only body only. Then head, like a baby.