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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mommy Party Photos

Here's the link to our advanced Christmas Party for mommies.

It really was fun seeing everyone there including their hubbies and kids. All the moms are lovely and oh-so-fabulous as expected. The daddies are game as well, most probably because they're scared of their wives haha (kiddin').

There are just tons of photo opportunity everywhere you look. Lots of smiling faces, loud laughter from the moms (obviously), kids screaming with delight, kids fighting over the balloons, hugging and kissing, dancing and eating in between. Thanks to The Husband for taking wonderful photos. We have over 200+ shots, good thing I remembered to charge our digital camera battery.


Laota French said...

Cuuuute! That's so sweet, I love little kids. Also, Happy Advanced Christmas!