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Friday, November 23, 2007

Another typhoon

... is supposed to hit Bicol this week. When I heard about it, all I can think about was that I won't be able to go shopping this weekend. However, after seeing Aggie's post and the news on how the families are now being evacuated on some provinces, I felt so shallow. Hundreds of families and individuals are worried for their safety and here I am, wondering if it will rain too hard to prevent me from going out. I even forgot how we had it so bad on last year's milenyo when we had no water and electricity for five days. So really, I need to keep my priorities straight.


Rosetta Stone said...

Residents of several towns and cities in Manila affected by the floods that typhoon "Ondoy" left more than three days ago, fear that the new typhoon will bring more rains and floodwater to their homes

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