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Friday, November 09, 2007

Make Money From Your Blog

One of the easiest way in earning money online is to get paid for blogging. The paid blogging industry has gotten big and more advertisers are choosing this method to improve their traffic and sale conversion. If you want to be a part of this business, Smorty is just the place to start. Smorty connects advertisers with thousands of suitable bloggers so they can write about the advertiser's products, services and websites. The bloggers get paid per opinion post with an option to write on subjects that interest them. You are not required to write about something that you feel strongly against. The payments are never late and you can even add as many blogs as you want to earn more. There's no fee to sign up but your blog will be subjected to review before you get approved. Blogs must have quality content, indexed in Google and Yahoo In order for the advertisers to get the most our their money, the bloggers must have quality content and must be older than three months. These criteria and more are important so the advertisers will get the most out of their money.