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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Family Christmas List

Seeing mommy bloggers post their wish lists inspired me to post not my own but my Christmas list for my two babies. just added amazing online coupons to their database so I'm taking advantage of that. For The Husband, I'm choosing between J & R Computer coupons and some coupon codes for his much awaited 20mm F1.8 wide lens. It's expensive (which is why I'm using coupons) but his birthday is in December so I'm hitting two special dates with one stone. As for the little princess, I'm getting a big doll house using their BabyCenter coupons then have it shipped to my Uncle's address so he can bring it when he visits this Christmas. Those two really are just the most important people on my list so that will do for now. As for everybody else, the bazaars will do LOL.