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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Secure Data

There's a new security software called NOD32 Anti Virus. It's a combination of the best security softwares out there including anti virus, anti spyware, exploits, and firewalls. For someone like me who installs gazillion softwares every day because it's part of my job, this software is exactly what I need. By combining all features in one place, Software Security Solutions are making it easier and cheaper for consumers to protect their systems. They even offer a 30-day back guarantee, which in my opinion is always the best way to convince people to buy your product. I mean, would you be willing to give their money back if you're not sure that your product can perform? Perhaps it's just a marketing approach but it's working on me. My whole online life, including my bread and butter is in my computer. So $39/year isn't such a big deal to protect all my data.


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