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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Trust Seal

With so many surgical malpractices these days, I wonder how celebrities can still afford to go under the knife. Just the recent news about Kanye West's mother was so tragic that you'd think other people would be more careful. Good thing care. This is a company who provides a database of trusted plastic surgeons in the U.S. They carefully research each surgeon that's included in their network to make sure that they pass their criteria in education, certification and track record. So far, over 14,000 plastic surgeons have been investigated and about two-thirds of that has been removed due to lack of training and certification. state that the "trust" rate for plastic surgeons is approximately 29%. This type of service is especially helpful to people who either don't have the time to investigate or have no idea where to get started in their research. By placing the Trusted Surgeon seal on the website of an approved plastic surgeon, prospective clients will have the assurance that the surgeon has been extensively examined and reviewed and passed the criteria.