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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Expensive Month

I knew December was going to be an expensive month. However, I didn't expect for the expenses to start as early as this week. I just spent more than $200++ yesterday shopping for Christmas gifts for my inaanaks. Good thing I bought them from a warehouse, at 50% off so I don't feel that bad at all. I think what made them expensive are the items that I got for the little girl. I mean I just can't shop for other kids without shopping for her right? Plus The Husband will only let me splurge if I buy "items" for Sandy. Whenever I pick up a toy, he will say, "that's cute! 'That for Sandy?" And I will answer, "no! I just bought her tons of stuff" to which he will reply, "well I'm sure she will love that" and then walk away as if leaving me to decide haha. Of course, he knows I'm too smart for that approach so what he'll do is to make sure to add another plastic bag containing similar items for his little girl. I shouldn't have bothered with a list in the first place LOL.