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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sandy's First Birthday Party

Sandy celebrated her first birthday party last September 24. The preparation was on hold for a couple of days so we had to rush some stuff on the day itself. Sandy's fever went on an off and we've been going back to the hospital for the past 3 days to do some blood tests. We were on the lookout for dengue and UTI symptoms. She always wakes up crying, burning with fever, her skin all red and it just breaks my heart. I wish it was me who's sick and not her. Her blood test came out clear but I'm still afraid that a goddamn mosquito bit her and gave her dengue. Both Sherwin and I couldn't work because we we're so worried about our little baby. I prayed and prayed that God will spare her. HE answered and Sandy's fever finally went down last Saturday afternoon. So to cut the story short, tuloy ang party!!!


10 AM: We started preparing for the party. Called up the suppliers, confirmed schedules and ordered food for the kids from Jollibee. Sherwin went to the venue to give the permit and tarp to the caterers.

12 PM: Gave Sandy a bath so she can get some sleep before we leave for the party.

1PM: I asked everyone including the yayas to take a bath and start preparing. We put on Sandy's stockings and it looked so cute on her. She doesn't think so though and tried to take it off a couple of times.

2:30PM: We went to the venue to meet with Imma, the balloon supplier. I loved what she did to the place. We were hesitant to book the venue before because it was too big for 100pax. Imma assured me that she'll make it look really nice and she did, the place looked amazing. The spacing was just right and the balloon arrangements are so colorful making the party look so alive and fun.

More setup photos from Imma:
Setup 1

Setup 2

Setup 3

Setup 4

Sandy's Cake (super yummy from Kitchen Krafts)

Sandy was still recovering from her fever so she wasn't her usual cheerful self. Even her eyes were a bit sad. We changed her to her lovely gown, made by my Mom. She just loves wearing it, touching the fabric from time to time.

John Aguas, our photographer, started taking pictures of Sandy. The old Sandy returned when we sat her on a chair. She knew right then that it was her party so she laughed, clapped, squealed and danced. She also played peek-a-boo with the photographer and wanted to walk around in her new shoes and gown. We tried putting on her butterfly wings even though the garter was too big for her arms.

The guests started to arrive around 3:20-4PM. I was so happy to see that there were lots of kids. We weren't sure how many kids were coming considering 10 of them already told me that they won't be able to make it. It was like a dream come true for me. I just love seeing kids running around and making a mess.

Sandy's ninang Chay gave her a bike. I don't think she likes it very much, LOL.

Alex (the host) started the program with some games for the kids and adults. I bought a lot of prizes, even more than what Alex asked me to bring. However, I got nervous when I noticed that we we're running short on minor prizes.

Magic tricks:

Kids were mesmesrized.

Even the adults appeared to be having fun.

Candle blowing
We have been teaching Sandy how to blow a candle for a couple of months now. We even sing the happy birthday song so she'll remember it when the time comes. However, I think she got shocked when all the kids formed a circle in front of her singing. She was just staring at them, not even recognizing the song that she loves so much. It was probably too much for her to handle. Anyway, when we tried to blow the candle, she accidentally stepped on two cupcakes. Sherwin and I looked at each other and shared a smile because we know that these things can only happen to Sandy because of her kakulitan.

The cute butterfly Piñata made by Jhoanne, co-n@wie. The kids had a hard time breaking the piñata so my Kuya stepped up and smashed it. I know he enjoyed it but pretended not to care just so he will look cool hehe.

Balloon burst

Party Favors

Opening some gifts

Sandy was so tired but she still won't allow me to take off her gown. She just loves to dress up like mommy. :)

When we opened her gifts at home, she was still fully awake and alert. I was still a bit nervous coz her fever might come back but awa ng Diyos, it never did. It didn't go very far though. I had fever and colds for three days and Sherwin caught it as well. It doesn't matter how sick we are as long as Sandy is healthy and being makulit again.

View Sandy's First Birthday Photos here.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Party Preps

Sandy's birthday party is coming up! Below is her 'Save the Date' ecard.

Her invites:

Thank you cards

Welcome Banner

I designed all of them with some help from my brother. Sherwin wrote a very cute poem for the invite after being constantly bugged by me hehe.