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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

At 11 months

Sandy says:
ca-h = car
jsus = jesus
shs = shoes
buh-per-phay, buhpay, bahpah = butterfly
papah, pa-pah?, papa!
mama, mummm-mah?
bop = baby bop
memmo = elmo
poo = pooh
brd = bird
tete = ate (yaya)
yaya = lola

She loves to:
Play horsey horsey
Watch barney, talk about Barney
Watch shampoo commercials
Feed anyone using her fingers
Drink water and says AAAhhhh when she's done
Twist and turn her body until she falls
Look, dance and stand in front of the mirror
Pray to all kinds of statues
Use our cellphone to call someone. She even says "hmm?"

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nathan's 1st Birthday

We went to my godson's (Nathan) 1st birthday party. Nathan was the son of my ex-officemate / friend so all of our friends (dakulpipol) are there. It was the first time that they saw Sandy since her baptism last Dec, 2005. They all laughed at how Sherwin and Sandy looked so much alike. Sandy was a bit uneasy at first but she became her usual self and started performing all her tricks. The party was in Pampanga and I was hoping that she could get a nap so she won't get cranky. We rented a van and we stayed at the first row, so if you look at your back, you will see all the other passengers. Sandy didn't sleep at all because she'd rather move from the first row to the second row wihle 'performing' for the the nth time. She just loves to be the center of attention. All of our friends were tired and sleepy but she still tried her best to keep them awake. There were times when I think that she's about to doze off while I'm nursing her (her only rest) when all of a sudden, sher jumps up say hi to all of our sleep friends.

She enjoyed herself at the party too. She danced, and squealed and laughed and played. All the babies her age slept at one time or another, even the birthday boy napped for a couple of minutes. Not my little Sandy though. It's like she was afraid that if she falls asleep, she'll wake up and realize that the party is over.

While she was playing and watching with her yaya, my friends and I chatted and learned that my friend Lorna is planning to have a baby! How wonderful! Now they will know how hard it is to raise a kid. I just wish that they'll be blessed with a sweet tempered baby hehe.

Sandy came to me holding a big inflatable tiger which I realize was one of the decor. The party is not even over yet and there was my baby, holding the big tiger that was supposed to give the place a wild, safari feel. I placed it on the floor and she kicked it. Nathan, who's already walking, approached the tiger and tried getting it back. Sandy kicked it again and Nathan decided to just join her. It's really fun watching them. Sandy is so friendly and confident and she says hi to everyone. I'm very proud of her.

Sandy went home with tons of toys including a vibrating, singing penguin that she loves to put in her tummy. Even if she was tired, she only slept for 30 minutes on the whole 2 and a half hour trip. That's my hyperactive baby and I won't change a thing.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Barney is NOT real

Even in my dreams, I can hear all the Barney songs. No kidding. I introduced the TV to Sandy so we can all have at least 5-10 minutes quite time including the yayas. She hated it at first but eventually, Barney started to work its magic. She squeals, jumps, claps, dances and twirls her body the moment she sees the yellow orange signal in the TV that says DVD. She already know that she's going to see Barney.

I used to watch Barney with my niece Gabby and I hated it so much. It gives me headache to watch it the whole day. It's a different story when it comes to your own though. I find myself smiling whenever I see Barney wearing ridiculous hats and costumes. Even Sherwin, who still hates Barney, laughs at the sight of Barney dancing to the butterfly song. Sandy loves that butterfly song so much she sings it when she's bored. She just says buhpay, buhperpay, buhpay haaaa-haaaaaa-haaaa. It's so sweet! I just love to watch her dance and sing that I sometimes forget that I got tons of stuff to do. She doesn't sit through the whole 30-minute show though. After her favorite songs are over ("if you're happy and you know it clap your hands", "mr. sun", "haha-hee-hee", "i can tell what you're feeling","butterfly"), she will slowly slide down the bed preparing to walk on her own. She can't do that yet so we have to stop whatever we're doing to assist her (hold her armpits) so she can walk and go to her favorite place, the bookshelf. Her shoes are stored at the bottom row of our bookshelf so she loves to go there and say "shs", then she'll sit down and try to wear all of her shoes.

There goes our 10-minute rest.