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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sandy Daldalera

What's New?
1. She received a brainy baby flash cards as a gift. We started teaching her 6 items at a time and now she can already identify half of the box. Isn't that amazing? She even tries to repeat some of the words.

girl - grr, grl
balloons - bah!
tiger - arrrr (roaring sound)
elephant - huuu (elephant sound)
umbrella - ameya
butterfly - baplay
ice cream - can't repeat the words but she moves her arms like a 'kalembang' then hums the selecta tune.
violin - she moves her fingers on top of the strings
star - sttt
fish - shhh
sun - ssnn
clouds - kah!
cat - kkkkk, sometimes ka-h
crayons - krr

2. She looks at my keyboard to press the keys, then looks at the monitor to see what happens. She even talks while she types.

3. She doesn't tip toe that much anymore and can stand and walk a few steps already. She does it on top of the bed though and not on the floor. LOL.

4. Less tantrums, more playing (watches barney, reads her books and flash cards, talks to her stuffed toys, plays doctor doctor)

5. She can get out of the bed by sliding backwards, smiling smugly while doing it.

I recently bought a basket where I can put all of Sandy's stuffed toys. They were scattered everywhere that I can't even find a decent place to lie down. When Sandy saw all of her toys inside, she wanted to play inside too.

Typhoon Milenyo, thawed breastmilk and credit cards

Manila was hit with Typhoon Milenyo, signal number 3 last week. We didn't have any electricity and water for 5 days so we decided to check in a condotel/hotel. However, all the hotels and condotels were fully booked at the time. I had to fight tooth and nail just to get a reservation. We were like those characters in the movies who were travelling and sleeps from one motel to another. It made a very huge dent on our wallets because most of the cheaper rooms were booked and the only ones available are worth 5k and up. It's all worth it though seeing Sandy fully rested.

We spent most of our days at the mall. Here's Sandy having lunch at Gerry's with Barney.

And then here's us begging for power, LOL.(Sandy fell asleep without nursing so she must be really tired)

Our credit card bills are so high this month which is very unusual for us. I'm positive that we can clear all of them for the next two months though. I hate having debts even when I was single so I always make sure to pay our credit card balance even before it starts to accumulate interest.

I didn't have any DSL connection as well so I've been working in an Internet cafe at SM Bicutan for the past 5 days. All of my 110 oz. of stored breastmilk were thawed because of the goddamn brownout. Sandy drinks milk every 2-3 hours so I can't stay outside for more than 3 hrs. This means I have to work quickly and make the most of my 2 hrs at the cafe. Then go back to nurse Sandy and put her to sleep. Go back to the cafe again to upload whatever task I was able to finish. By night time, I was so exhausted to do anything else. Sherwin is still sick, poor hubby! I tried to take care of him as well but Sandy is a handful so there's not much TLC to go around.

The good news is I finally had my internet back yesterday afternoon so I'm working from home again. Hurray