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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rainy Escapade @ The Beach

We went to Subic with Sherwin's family last Saturday. I was really looking forward to this trip coz it has been a long time since hubby and I went to the beach. The last time was when we were trying to conceive Sandy hehe. It was also Sandy's first beach escapade so we bought her a bathing suit, sunscreen and a cute floating device with roof. Unfortunately, it rained so the water was icy cold. The waves are crashing loudly and she got really scared of the water.

I really love this picture. Even though it was raining, the sun was up when we reached the shore. The waves are still a little wild making my little Sophie uneasy. You can see below how she tries to hide from the sun and it seems she can't get close enough to mommy.

We wanted to take advantage of the sun so we changed her to a bathing suit and that was when she decided that she hates the sand.

Here she is again, scared of the waves. You'd think the monsters are coming to get her the way she was holding on to me. I know she's afraid but it gives me satisfaction that she finds comfort in my arms. It feels so nice to know that she trusts me to get her away from all the bad things in life.

It started to rain again in the afternoon but we still managed to have fun.

Sandy and I were inseparable, lol. That's how she is whenever she's in a new place. She doesn't want anyone to carry her but me which explains why Sherwin doesn't have a lot of pictures with her.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nicko got hitched!

Nicko, an old friend of mine got married last weekend. It has been years since I saw his family so I was excited to see them at his wedding. His mom and sisters all looked beautiful and his dad couldn't be any prouder. Nicko's face was pasted with his foolish grin trademark the whole time. He seemed very nervous but genuinely happy. As much as I like this guy, I always think of him as carefree, reckless and immature. Even at his wedding, I can see that he's still the old happy-go-lucky kid. He walks around laughing, talking to himself, drinking beer and occassionaly scratching his head.

However, there were a couple of moments when I catch him looking lovingly in his bride's eyes. Then he'd give her a smile full with promise of undying love for her and their unborn child. It was a smile saying 'wonderful things are coming our way'. How did I know that? Well, it was the same smile that Sherwin gave me when he dropped me off at the hotel the day before our wedding. We were fighting that day but before I closed the door, he said in an i-told-you-so voice, "I told you I'm gonna marry you" and then left with that smile.

I just love weddings, don't you?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

At 10 Months

Dances very well (she twists and wiggles her body)
Uses the phone and chats for a longtime with "someone"
Stands up for longer periods of time
Hums the bfly song
Mimics the sound of dogs,lizard, airplane
Points at sandy, mommy, papa, lola, barney, pooh, butterfly, jesus
Runs so fast using her walker (with yayas watching of course)
Shampooes her hair, washes her body
Says hi to everyone especially salesladies, waiters, busboys and janitors

She's not yet walking (except when she's using her walker) and can't even stand on her own. It doesn't stop her from trying though.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

On the loose

This is a series of photos my husband took while we're playing with Sandy one Sunday morning.

Here she is trying to conquer our bed.

Have I told you that she knows how to kiss now? Look at her kissing all the furry animals at the mall.

She also loves watching herself in the mirror. Here she is playing in the mirror with the "baby" inside Schu store.

It's never too early to teach her how to do grocery shopping. Below you can see her studying the ingredients of cheese. She's a little disappointed because she still can't have any dairy due to her cross milk allergy.