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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Trial Parenting

The usual scenario

Me: Sandy, brush your teeth
Sandy: No, no. (running away, jumping, running, playing)
Me: Let's take a bath
Sandy: Noooooo, I don't want take a bath. I need to play only. (she loosely uses the word need)
Me: No more touching mommy's dede. Mommy has aw-aw (In response to her whenever she pinches my other nipple to help her sleep, while breastfeeding!)
Sandy: No! Soft touch only, like this, like this.

So instead of getting angry and telling her who's boss, I tried to follow the tip that I read from one parenting forum. Talk to your kid when she's calm so she can understand what you want her to do.

So I waited an hour after when the little girl was so calm and happy while playing with her toys.

Me: Sandy, please do what mama tells you. I will get angry if you don't.
Sandy (thinking hard for about 20 sec): Okay mommy will get angry like Papa. Papa's always angry.

I know my reasoning with her (because I'll get angry??!!) is wrong to start with. Look at the title, it's called a trial. Still, I didn't know that Sandy thinks her Papa is always angry. That's what you get Papa for being hot-headed! So control your anger people especially in front of the kids.