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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Get ready with your credit cards

You must know all about Black Fridays sales if you're a self-confessed shopaholic. These sales happen exactly one day after Thanksgiving so people can get started with their Christmas shopping. Loads of unbelievable discounts are available during Black Friday sales that people just flock to the stores. However, the ads are not disclosed until Thanksgiving Day so you only learn about them the same time as others. Which is why if you want to get hold of the best stuff, you will have to fall in line as early as 5am in front of your favorite store.

If you hate standing in line yet still want to take advantage of the amazing Black Friday sales, then is just perfect for you. At, not only you have the advantage to see 2007 thanksgiving specials before anyone else, but you can also purchase Black Friday items online! If you go their site now, you will see the list of stores that they are expecting to have Black Friday ads for.

As for me, I'll be on the lookout for some Ikea deals and Toys R Us Specials. I already subscribed to their email alerts so I can receive an email whenever new black Friday ads have been posted.