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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas is so Near

My favorite month is here! There are tons of warehouse discounts and sales that I have nothing left in my Christmas shopping budget anymore. Still need to buy presents for the grandparents, in-laws, brother and other godkids that I'm not very close with. The Christmas tree is up but the whole house is still pretty bare. I wanted to start a tradition for Sandy but just like last year, I'm just too busy at work that I can't even find time to buy a huge Christmas stocking. Weekends are fully booked as of this moment and the only time that we can shop is December 15th. Gawd, that's like ten days before Christmas, I wonder how jam-packed the malls will be.

You might be thinking that all I do is shop. The thing is, Christmas just makes me want to go all out on presents. That's why it's called the season of giving right? I get a certain high whenever I see the big smiling faces of kids after they open our gifts. It's an amazing feeling, to give.