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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Too Many Toys

Like I've said, Sandy has enough toys already. I give toys away every other week now I think. Everytime I clean up the closet and the toy boxes, the helpers in our house watch hoping that they can snag some. When I hand the old toys to them, their smiles are just so huge that I feel like I want to give some more. Which is why the contents of Sandy's big yellow box are now half empty. I mean, if she's not playing with them, why not make someone else's kid happy? The Husband on the other hand, hates it. Not the making someone happy part but the part where I throw/give away our stuff. He just loves hoarding old junk until they rot. If it weren't for me, our cabinet will be filled with his papers, gadgets, batteries, and electric plus since his College days.


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