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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


My client just bought a 44" LCD TV last week. He knows how I've been dreaming to have one so he won't stop bragging about it. He told me that if our business picks up in two or three months that he might give me one as a post-Christmas gift. How awesome is that? So regardless if he's joking or not, I'm now comparing the prices of hitachi 42 LCD or Samsung LCD at This site has its own search engine that allows a potential consumer to do an online research for a product that he wants to buy. Once he found the exact item that he wants, he can check for the list of retailers near his place. This Krillion Localization Engine produces the most accurate local shopping results on the Web that is targeted for consumers who are ready to buy. Since most appliances need to be tested and checked in person, this type of service connects the distance between online research and offline purchase.