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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

No Cry Solution

I want to buy this.

Synopsis from Amazon: This is a breakthrough approach for a good night's sleep - with no tears. There are two schools of thought for encouraging babies to sleep through the night: the hotly debated Ferber technique of letting the baby "cry it out," or the grin-and-bear-it solution of getting up from dusk to dawn as often as necessary. If you don't believe in letting your baby cry it out, but desperately want to sleep, there is now a third option, presented in Elizabeth Pantley's sanity-saving book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution".

And the person who desperately wants to sleep? That would be me. I tried to let her cry it out but she just threw up all over our sheets. I wonder if Sandy's not too late to be trained? She has been nursing to sleep for 2 years and three months now and I wonder if we will ever break that habit. Well, I know we will, of course, or else she'll be nursing until she gets married. It's just that I'm so weak in implementing rules and routines that I'm always the first one who breaks them.

We'll see though.