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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Oh The Bratty Brat

I'm just catching up on blog assignments. The two girls are having so much fun as of this moment. There were a few fights over Dora, bike, laptop, etc so my throat hurts a bit because I've been explaining how they should share. It's harder with Sandy because she wasn't used to having a playmate. Good thing Gabby is a few years older so she's more willing to give in. When Sandy took all the toys that her Ate Gabby wants to play with, Gabby went to a corner and played with her gameboy. Sandy will then realized that she's all alone playing with her toys so she will go to her Ate Gabby to bug her again.

It's sooo hard. An eye-opener for me. We need to enroll Sandy in a play activity or something as soon as possible!