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Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Cooooold

Goodbye aircon. It's been really cold lately even in the afternoons. I try not to use the aircon anymore to cut cost on our electricity bills. If it were for me, I won't even turn that thing on. But Sandy and The Husband can't sleep without it so I had no choice. Aside from wanting to save, I'm just not that crazy about cold weather. The Husband laughs at me most of the time because I need to wear my PJs on top of my shorts and sometimes, even gloves when it's really cold. The two of them, on the other hand, can sleep on their not so thick shirts and shorts without a blanket.


April Kerr said...

I often have to wear gloves and a hat indoors because of the cold. We're having a lot of work done to our house and it's difficult to heat the place. Hopefully it will be better next year.

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