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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Party - Girlfriends

Here are some photos from last week's Christmas Party with my college girlfriends. We may be 10-20 lbs heavier but we're definitely 10 years wiser. I love how we all evolved into caring women. It’s nice to see my once carefree girlfriends worry about things such as if there’s soy in the food, the weird color on the baby’s poop or if 26 months is already late for the not so talkative toddler. Of course, old habits die hard so there are few moments when all we can talk about are shoes, bags and clothes. Our favorite topic, hottest boys in town, is now a thing of the past since we've already found our best mates. Oh, except for the two single moms who adore their babies and don't give a d@mn whether they find anyone or not. It’s a fine, fine day.


Amore said...

Aba sagana ang business sa blog na to ah.. lol

Anyway, it's nice to see you girls here.. I think c Dhalz lang kilala ko saka ikaw dyan.

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