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Friday, December 14, 2007

Who Loves Jollibee?

I don't. I used to eat at Jollibee with my niece for so long that I couldn’t stand the taste of their fries and chicken anymore. OA. I can eat there if there's no more fast food available. But if I have a choice, then I'll probably go to McDonalds or KFC.

Anyway, just like my niece, Sandy is now also a fan. She loves to stand beside Jollibee and give him a high five everytime we passes by their store. So when we attended the party and she saw Jollibee move, she was so shocked and happy.

Some of her photos show her amazement, even laughing so hard at the merest touch of Jollibee's wings. So, now, I don't mind eating at Jollibee. If it makes her happy, I'll eat a thousand fries if I have to.

*I don't think they use potatoes on their fries anymore.


Andrew Steves said...

Here are some facts about it perhaps you don't know:
1) In the 70s, it was spelled "Jolibe". Though within years, with all the spelling mistakes, it changed more than twice.
2) Chickee and Lady Moo are forgotten mascots.
Taken from the paper writer service essay.