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Thursday, December 20, 2007


I should probably rename this blog to Shopping Network. I noticed that my recent topics were usually about shopping and buying stuff online. I'm not usually this shopaholic, in fact my dearest friends can attest how I save money up to the last centavo. Well, blame it on the holidays and the need to spread cheer right?

So back to the topic, The Husband and I will be having another shopping trip tomorrow to buy stuff for ourselves.
- Santa clause outfit for Sandy and her baby cousin Chloe
- two blouses for me
- another shirt and jeans for The Husband
- Sandy's Christmas outfit and hopefully two pairs of sandals

I just can't stop myself in buying more toys that I bought Sandy a toy makeup kit, silver camera and a Little Mermaid phone. They each cost around 100-200 bucks so nothing biggie. I just want her to open as many presents as she can regardless if their cheap and expensive.


alpha said...

naku plano ko din yan kay estong, yung madaming small gifts para madami syang io-open. ayun awa ng Diyos, pinagsiksikan ko sa isang malaking box lahat ng small items para isa na lang ang ira-wrap ko hehe.. para tuloy syang may mini balikbayan box hehe

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