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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

To the most wonderful father

I've been slaving away for weeks just to create the perfect AVP for Father's Day. I planned on making it a surprise by hiding a cd inside Sherwin's bag so he can discover it when he's already in the office. However, everything backfired when the final output of my AVP totaled to 8GB. So much for the surprise. I think the videos of him and Sandy were the culprit so I decided to just show it to him when he gets home. I was so nervous that he might find it really cheesy. There was no reaction in his face when he watched it the first time. He just smiled and laughed at some of the funny photos. He said he'll watch it again later. So I left the room to play with Sandy. When I came back, our room was locked and I had to knock for a couple of minutes before he opened it. When I asked why it was locked, he said he was crying because he suddenly remembered the first few months when we didn't know what to do with Sandy. In short, he was touched and I felt relieved. The hard work paid off. :) Too bad I can't burn it in a CD. And since I can't upload it here, I'll just post something similar.


View this video montage created at One True Media
Happy Father's Day Papa!


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