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Friday, April 16, 2010

Horseback Riding in Tagaytay

Can you see how big her smile was? It was very hot that day but she still went ahead. It was the first time that we let her ride without me or her Papa by her side too. She was all smiles and we could even see her trying to make her horse walk faster. She's really all grown up now. The timing couldn't be more perfect.

Tagaytay - Holy Week 2010

Tagaytay - Holy Week 2010


soulsearcher said...

the only time that i have rode on a horse when i was in Bohol and paid 20pesos for the yard...yes...20 pesos...and i loved it! im pretty sure lil sandy here enjoyed it so much

Mia said...

Love horses, i find them to be very elegant creatures. And i think it's a great idea to give children the opportunity to see and experience as many things as possible.

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I think she is very excited for that and very brave,Enthusiastic and sweet girl. Specially, Her smile is very cute.

de larea said...

i wanted to ride one in bohol..but the person who was supposed to go with me had cancelled it.. because he had some poker strategy going on with friends .. :(

Rhinoplasty said...

Wow! first of I would like to say that she looks very sweet. I like horse riding very much. This is good that this girl is very brave.

raven said...

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drew said...

Well the horse riding has been a favourite to me and I like to. She is pretty good looking on and she is really enjoying the ride.


Specialist Recruitment Services said...

Both photographs are very cute as I can see her big smile.She looks so sweet in this photograph rising a horse.I can say that she is a brave girl because some small girls scare from horses.

Moncler Jackets said...

i think it's a great idea to give children the opportunity to see.The photograph shows that you enjoyed alot the horse riding.Thank you for sharing!

airjordanshoes said...

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i find them to be very elegant creatures. And i think it's a great idea to give children the opportunity to see and experience as many things as possible.

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Ray Ban sunglasses said...

i think it's a great idea to give children the opportunity to see and experience as many things as possible.i like to ride a horse.

jimmy choo said...

It's great idea! I like horse.I think she is very excited! Thank you for sharing!

Moncler Jackets said...

How lovely the baby.
I have not ride the horse yet.i really want.

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I like the lovely little girl who Riding a horse.I think she is courage.

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christian louboutin said...

the girl's smile is very sweet, which reminds me of the same experience.when I was ten years old, my first time to ride a horse with my parents,very warm.

shure microphones said...

How lovely the boy is.I like the horse very much.It is really nice.

manolo blahnik said...

She looks so sweet in this photograph rising a horse.

nike shox said...

The girl have a good look. So sweety girl.I like her.

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rosetta stone said...

I think it's a great idea to give children the opportunity to see and experience as many things as possible.

Daniel said...

There are such nice photographs of girl.I must say that in this age she does not scare from a horse.Yes she is grown up now.Her smile is very cute.

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I also horse riding very much.First photograph is really very sweet and I just love little girl's smile.She seems a brave girl.

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Hey your little girl looks so cute on horse and I like her photographs.She is truly a brave girl.Her smile is really lovely.

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Photographs show that little girl is brave.She looks so cute riding a horse.She has a nice smile.I also like horse riding very much.

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Little girl look so adorable on a horse and she has nice smile.I also like horse riding very much.Photographs show that she enjoyed horse riding.

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Without any doubt I can say this this little girl is very brave.I like her photographs on horse specially first on.She has a nice smile.

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very good. i am very like horses.thank you for sharing.

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That horse look so tire,and it is so poor,how do you feel?all of us will ride them,oh,on~

Nike shox said...

It's a instresting thing to record children grow up step by step.

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Christian louboutin said...

i wanted to ride one in bohol..I am so envy this kids,so good.waiting for your more interested story offer.

Nike shox shoes said...

How brove brave she is! if it is me i think i am afraid i will fall off the hose.

MAC Cosmetics said...

How brave she is .Every beautiful and cute.I like the photoes.thank you for your sharing.

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mother of the bride Scotland said...

Horse riding is one of my favourite, well I think that she is really enjoying while riding this horse.

DUI Lawyer said...

Tagaytay City is the perfect place for leisure activities like picnics, horseback riding, camping, I also love horse riding, I think that she is very excited, while sitting on the horse.

Driving under the influence said...

Tagaytay City is the perfect place for leisure activities like picnics, horseback riding, camping, I also love horse riding, I think that she is very excited, while sitting on the horse.

fleet management said...

I personally never visited out the Tagaytay but i really gathered out good information from your post and nice photo shot the small child really looks beautiful and really think she really enjoying house riding..

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I Can see how big her smile. The baby looks so innocent. She has a cute smile when she was seating on horse. I really like to enjoy a day with horse riding.

DSi Card said...

Really wonderful post. I like horse riding but I didn't try it yet. It must be great joy.

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I love horse riding after seeing this pictures i was remember my tat days when i took part in the competitions.The boy looks so happy in this picture.

mahjong said...

She is looking so Pretty in a Horseback Riding. Horseback Riding is for a fun. I like to do the Horseback Riding and every weekend i have to done Horseback Riding.

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It looks too pretty.. Very nice..

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She looks so nice and beautiful. It is such a great experience for her to riding on horse without papa and mom. She is so brave girl. She also smiles and enjoy horse riding.

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I like horse riding so much. It is a great adventure for me. I am always feels thrill when doing a horse riding. Your little baby really looks brave and cute.

Antarctica Cruise said...

It is a nice image of baby with horse riding. I know that I was kid when I did horse riding first time. She is a brave girl because of its her first time attempt to doing a horse riding.

reyne martin said...

Horse riding is one of most adventures activity. I have no experience about that. But this cute baby must be felt amazing.
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On seeing this photo I remember my memory of horse riding. What a great riding it was! I enjoyed a lot. Your pic is also nice.

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Promosyon said...

In the childhood, it really scared me. But now I does not scared with it. Many time I rode on horses.

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This little baby looks so cute. Shes also afraid when riding horse first time. My kid also feels afraid when doing horse riding. But I always encourage him and he feels happy.

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