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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Busy BEE

Sandy started taking solids today! She took it like a pro. It was so exciting and fun. She seem to like her lugaw and her silicone spoon hehe.
We don't have a high chair yet so we used her bouncer. I was so surprised to see her sit still while eating. She's so makulit kasi and you can never make her stay in one place. But today, she just sat there, looked at mommy and opened her mouth to eat her first solids. Yay! My baby's growing up!

We've also been trying to train her to sit on her own using pillows. I think she likes this new position even though she usually ends up with her face down. She has no problem rolling over now though.

We bought her a walker too since she wants to stand up all day. We just use a stopper so it wouldn't move. Here she is looking so busy trying to save the world. I still can't get over how chubby she is right now.

Here's a couple of Sandy's expressions and her passion for the camera.

Here she is listening to some music.

A very peaceful, almost angel-like Sandy. I hope she doesn't wake for a couple of hours so I can have my 'ME' time lol. Bad Mommy!