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Saturday, April 22, 2006

First out of town trip

Last weekend, we decided to go to Tagaytay so Sandy can have her first out of town trip. It was a long overdue vacation for us as well. We asked her Ninong Zer and some of Sherwin's college friends to come with us. Sandy wanted to stand the entire trip, nursing occassionaly to recharge. I know I'm not supposed to let her stand yet but it's so hard not to especially if that's the only thing that makes her happy at the moment hehe.

I made sure that we visit Caleruega and Sonya's garden. A friend's wedding was held there but I wasn't able to come because I just gave birth that time. Sandy saw a lot of butterflies, birds, flowers and insects so she's all alert and active the whole day. She saw her other ninongs (Sherwin's friends) and played with Duane. It was one of those rare moments that she has a playmate.

I thought we'll have a hard time putting her to bed but she seems to like the weather because she slept through the night. It was very tiring for me though coz she doesn't want to leave mommy's side. She wants no one but me to carry her so it wasn't really a vacation for me.

Still, it was a successful out of town trip!


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