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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #59

Questions By: Anonymous Lass

1.) Do you/Did you ever have a piggy bank shaped like a pig? What do you keep your spare change in?
Before. Now, I just them in a can.

2.) Be honest. Have you ever stolen anything before?

3.) Would it be more awkward to be walked in on during sex by your parents or your children?
Since I'm a parent, I hope my kids wont walk in on us.

4.) How comfortable would you be at a nude beach? Would you keep your clothes on, keep it modest or bare it all?
Keep it modest.

5.) Where is a place that seems fun and sexy to get it on at but in reality probably wouldn't work out very well?

6.) Do you have sex less in the summer because of the hot temperatures?

7.) Have you ever had a dream that was in black and white?

Bonus) When you have a naughty dream, most often is it usually your partner in the dream with you or someone else?
Someone else :P


gurgle said...

I had an awesome piggy bank with a proper pig till my little brother went and smashed it to steal the money!

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