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Friday, February 29, 2008

All About The Little One

[7th month photo]

1. Sandy still breastfeeds at 27 months.

2. Sandy is a sponge. Absorbs everything she hears and sees. You can’t tell a secret when she’s in the room because she will blab all about it to the first person that she’ll see.

3. She was allergic to formula when she was a baby and she spent her first three months in pain because of nightly stomach attacks.

4. Her real name is Sophia Andrea.

5. Sandy can quickly learn new dance steps and memorize words from a new song, book or tv show.

6. She’ll choose Mama Mary over Dora or Barney

7. She’s very enthusiastic and appreciative. When her Papa brings her something, she’ll say “Oh my god Papa! Thank youuuu!” whether it’s a toy, medicine or juice.

8. She loves eating veggies. To convince her to eat rice, you will have to bribe her with veggies first.


Suni said...

good on you for continuing to breastfeed till she is ready to quit. she is a doll!

Chris Stormer said...

Having a sweet little baby in the house is a god gift. The child in the house makes all the members of the house happy and is a bonding between all the members of the house. A child is always considered gift of god.

Expat said...

What a sweet baby she is! I think she is a little angel.
I am praying to god that make a good future for this angel baby.

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