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Friday, February 08, 2008

Site Seeing

I really like the design of this real estate website selling Branson lots. I was just browsing for inspiration when I came across their site. The color scheme is just so right for the properties that they are selling - earthy, nature, calm. How I wish we can have a getaway there and stay in one of their comfortable cabins. I love staying in cabins because you're much closer to nature as opposed to being cooped up in a hotel. Anyway, enough blabbing. I need to take notes from this site so I can come up with a mockup for this new website that I'm working on.


map of new zealand said...

Be careful with cabin rentals in Branson. I recently got a reservation for a 2 bedroom "cabin" there, and when I arrived it was a 2 bedroom kitchenette strip hotel type place.
The only saving grace was the boat rentals were really true to how advertised.
I am sure this happens elsewhere, but make sure their definition of cabin matches yours.

Hye said...

haven't seen that but thanks for the head's up :D