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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bath Time

Sandy hates bath time. I've never thought she'll be like those toddlers who have to fight their parents when it comes to taking a bath or brushing their teeth. At least she lets me brush her teeth now (all thanks to her Barbie toothbrush) unlike before when she kicks me and had to be restrained by two people.

Now I'm looking for a doll that she can give a bath so she'll be more cooperative. I came up with this idea when her cousin Gabby came to visit. She brought this huge Dora doll on a bathing suit (not exactly the one on the photo but similar) and they had a great time giving the doll a bath. I haven't seen anything like it from our local stores so I'm searching online and hopefully I can order it from peachy (the queen of online shopping).


Hye said...

I think it's normal for toddler's to be afraid in taking a bath or brushing their teeth. I dunno why but my sister who is six years old is also afraid :D