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Friday, February 15, 2008

House Hunting

I've stumbled upon a thread about mortgage lenders yesterday while browsing for houses for rent. I read that the rates are so much lower this year making me wonder if we're just wasting money by renting instead of buying. Just thinking about this is giving me headache already. I guess we can rent for a year until we can find a place that we want. Condo living, no matter how high end is definitely not for us. It's okay if it's just The Husband and me, but with Sandy, everything has to be bigger, more spacious, safer and closer to at least one grandparent. The said reasons made it easier for us decide to rent a bigger house instead of buying a small condo unit.

The problem now is to find that big house. Not only that, it should be near schools and malls as well. LOL.


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Abbey said...

With the sub-prime mortgage crash there should be some good deals on houses in the next year if you change your mind, especially if you get one as the price drop and before the interest rates go up.

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