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Thursday, January 31, 2008

All About Me

Snagged from Alpha

Guilty Pleasure ~ Being a couch potato

My weakness is ~ I'm a control freak. I find it hard to stop myself from telling someone how to do things.

My strength is ~ I'm such a happy person that I always laugh at my problems.

What Do You Do When You First Wake Up? ~ Try not to wake the little girl so I can work quietly before she wakes up.

When It Rains ~ You order DVD and watch all day while eating.

Who Do You Love? ~ My small family above all

Do You Read Your Horoscope? ~ Not really

Blog Addiction ~ Blogger friends and celebrity gossips

Tattoos ~ None.

MAC or PC ~ PC.

80’s Music ~ New Order - Regret

What’s on your iPod? ~ Tons of alternative rock music.

Travel Dreams ~ Around the world like Alpha. To be specific, Europe and Bahamas

On my day off ~ What is day off? lol. A mother doesn't have one.

One of your top 100 to do before you die ~ Aside from the usual financial preparations for the family, I'd love to sky dive.

Favorite homemade meal ~ Mechado

If you were not what you are right now, what would you be doing? ~ I'm probably an astronomer. My greatest dream.


baby advice said...

Mothers really don't have a day off, the only time is when they are sleeping!

Charlie (Furniture) Folkes said...

Great Post. Thanks for sharing.