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Thursday, January 17, 2008


I envy Jane and her uninterrupted sleep. She has been sleeping soundly for months now whereas I'm still sleeping in one-hour intervals. It's not the little girl's fault this time. It's The Husband's loud snoring that's keeping me awake and on guard the whole night. Putting Sandy to sleep is a long, tiring process. Putting her down to bed is another matter. When I'm done with those, you'd think I can finally get my much-needed rest but no, I have to be alert in nudging The Husband every ten minutes so he can stop snoring. He doesn't wake up Sandy anymore like he usually does but if his snores are loud enough to disturb me, then the possibility of Sandy waking up as well is very high. Sometimes I just throw a big pillow at him but I always feel guilty after. My short-term solution is to lie down beside him so I can easily wake him up when gets loud. The problem with this solution is that none of us will get quality sleep except the little one.